A Partial eclipse of the Moon will take place on 7/8th August 2017

A Partial eclipse of the Moon will take place on 7/8th August 2017

When the Moon moves in the shadow of the Earth, it is known as the eclipse of the Moon or lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses can take place only during full-moon days. when the Moon comes diametrically opposite to the position of the Sun, as viewed from the Earth. The shadow of the Earth cast by the Sunlight will have two components. One is darker shadow or umbra and the other is lighter shadow or penumbra. From the darker shadow, the Sun cannot be seen, however from the lighter shadow part a portion of the Sun will be visible. When a portion of the Moon alone crosses the darker shadow, the eclipse is known as partial eclipse. One such partial eclipse will take place on 7/8th August 2017

The eclipse will be visible throughout Europe, Asia. most of Africa and Australia 7th August 2017 the eclipse will begin at 22:53 hrs (IST) and will end at 00:48 hrs (IST) on 8th August 2017. Mid eclipse will be at 23:50 hrs (1ST) on 7th August 2017. At the instant of greatest eclipse, the umbral eclipse magnitude will reach 0.246. The magnitude of a lunar eclipse is the fraction of the Moon’s diameter covered by Earth’s shadow. So nearly ’25 percent of the Moon surface will be covered by the Earth shadow at mid eclipse. The partial phase will last nearly for one hour fifty-five minutes.

Prior to this event, an eclipse of the moon, of which partial phase was in India. had occurred on 4.4.2015. Again another such event will take place on 31st January 2018

Subject to clear sky conditions, B.M. Birla planetarium will be making arrangements for the public to view the event at Periyar Science and Technology Centre Campus, Gandhimandapam Road from 10 p.m. of 7th August 2017 to 1.00 a.m. of 8th August 2017. There is no entry fee.