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camp for kids with disabilities at Tambaram

Early Intervention camp for kids with disabilities at Tambaram

Vidya Sagar is an organisation that has worked with disability over the last 31 years. The growth of Vidya Sagar, from a small parent initiative to an organisation of national stature can be attributed to the fact that it has attempted to meet the needs of people with disability through a right based perspective. Vidya Sagar  work in the areas of rehabilitation, education, inclusion, training and advocacy.

Vidya Sagar has run an Early Intervention clinic since 1986. It is a Vidya Sagar ll established fact that the earlier you intervene with disability and particularly with multiple disabilities the lesser the chances of secondary disability setting in.  What is sometimes overlooked is the fact that the right intervention will facilitate the child and baby’s learning to use his abilities in a functional way.  Early Intervention not only minimizes secondary disability, but ensures the development of the child’s abilities.

Over the years, Vidya Sagar  have worked with many babies and young children. Some of those babies, who are now adults are in jobs; some married; some working from their homes.

When a baby comes in, Vidya Sagar  do a complete assessment and work out a goal plan. The activities are worked out, keeping in mind the child’s strengths and challenges. Apart from education, the child gets physiotherapy, occupational therapy, communication / speech therapy along with music, art and crafts.

No work with the baby or child would be complete unless the professional worked with the parent and the family and thereby the community.

The parent is the second most important person in our Intervention plan. Vidya Sagar  start by demystifying the condition and also explain exactly what Vidya Sagar  are working on. The parent is also encouraged to contribute to making the goals.  One of our most important goals is to make the parent enjoy his/ her child.

Vidya Sagar  have kept abreast with new intervention techniques, and trained ourselves; and thus evolved into offering the best of early intervention for multiple disabilities. To illustrate this; Vidya Sagar  know that babies with multiple disabilities very often also have low vision. To equip ourselves in this area, Vidya Sagar trained our staff, and work closely with Hilton Perkins School for the Blind in Boston, USA. Now Vidya Sagar are one of the few organizations who can intervene with babies with multiple disabilities and low vision.

Vidya Saggar  have also been training other professionals in India and some of our neighboring countries.

Over the years Vidya Sagar have realized that it is crucial to have Early Intervention clinics in more parts of our city.

Vidya Sagar propose to start early intervention services in Thambaram in the next few months.

To take this further Vidya Sagar  starts with a one day Early Intervention camp (for 0-6 years).

The aim of the camp is to assess the needs of children with disabilities and look at intervention programs.

Details of the camp:

Venue: Valluvar Gurukulam, 220 GST Road, Tambaram, Chennai – 45

Date: 3rd December 2016, Saturday

Time: 10.00 Am – 4.00 PM

Contact No: 9384007986, 9380474832