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Charge your Mobile on the Go with “Power Aid”

 “Power Aid”, a unique product to charge any Mobile Phone on the go was launched on Friday. This Patented product was invented by Amam Arun, a fresh Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Chennai who responded to the great need of all his friends and batchmates, who frequently would say that their mobile battery had drained out.

His inspiration came from his classmate, a girl who said her parents were extremely worried when she came late from college one day and were not able to reach her as her phone battery had drained out. This set Amam’s mind on the road to solve this simple but important issue and he successfully produced his 1st prototype back in December ’16. Now, 8 months later, he has worked out all the issues and today, he formally launched the product in the name and style of “Power Aid”. The start up is registered with NASSCOM and a patent has been filed for the technology.

Speaking to Media at a packed house, Amam Arun said, “Power Aid is not just effective but also cost effective. A single piece is less than Rs. 400. The device has been tested over and over again for a couple of months before finally getting it into the market.

The salient features of Power Aid are:

  • Charges your mobile/devices on the go
  • When there is no current in your house, power aid attached on your bike will come to your rescue. Power your Gadgets too.
  • The product is weather proof and dust proof
  • Charge devices with maximum efficiency
  • Two devices can be charged simultaneously

While demonstrating the product in front of Media personnel, Amam clarified every query put at him regarding the stability, safety, durability and installation procedure of the device to be followed which is quite simple. Amam foresees a great opportunity for the product, with nearly 50,000 two wheelers coming into the market every day in India. He reiterated that it is not a power bank.

This product being distinctive and has huge potential, Therefore has attracted investors and one of them has gladly invested in the project catering to millions of people.

 “Power Aid will be very useful for Individual Bikers, Bike Taxis, Delivery / Courier guys, sales representatives, service engineers, leisure travellers, Traffic Policemen/Policemen on patrol etc.”

Mobile Charger
Mobile Charger

Amam Arun passed out of his engineering from SRM University (2016) from mechanical engineering department. His father Capt Arun Kumar Gupta is GM (Kamarajar Port Trust).

This became his pet project and when he completed his engineering he did a market research and found to his surprise that it was a major pain point that he was addressing. He went around trying to open doors with two wheeler dealers and two wheeler accessory market. Being young many of them did not take him seriously.