COLORS Tamil fiction shows

COLORS Tamil fiction shows successfully crosses milestone episodes!

It’s time for celebrations on COLORS Tamil as three of their distinctive primetime fiction offerings Sivagami, Perazhagi, and Oviya cross their milestone episodes. With Sivagami and Perazhagi reaching 400th episode and Oviya reaching 200th episode, the trio shows have captured the audience with their interesting plot, twists, nail-biting drama, and endearing romance. With all the shows extended from Monday to Saturday, the compelling storyline continues to stir mixed emotions and interest among its audience. Here is a sneak peek at what you can look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

Oviya (Monday to Saturday, 6:30 PM): Oviya journeys into triumphant 200th episode. In the upcoming weeks Oviya is worried about the consequences of Anbarasi borrowing money from Selvam and his sinister plot. What plan does Selvam have against Anbarasi? On the other hand, Surya is battling against the evil games by Gayathri and Madhavi, who intend on marrying him. Tune into COLORS Tamil at 6:30 PM to find out how Surya and Oviya will manage their tricky situations.

Thari (Monday to Saturday, 7:00 PM): Annam is exhilarated with victory as she gets recognized by the Handloom department for her exemplary contribution. Little does Annam know of the obstacles coming her way. What is the devastating misery that Annam is going to deal with? Will Annam find a way out to fulfill her long-awaited desire? Tune into COLORS Tamil at 7:00 PM to find out about the impending challenge for Annam.

Malar (Monday to Saturday, 7:30 PM): Malar suffers a grave blow as Kadhir is determined on solving the mysterious death of Varun. Thiyagu attacks Kadhir and challenges Malar to save her husband. Adding to this, Grace plans to loot money from Malar’s house and escape. Find out how Malar will deal with her problems vigilantly at 7:30 PM only on COLORS Tamil.

Sivagami (Monday to Saturday, 8:00 PM): The most inspiring tale of Sivagami IPS reaches the 400th episode. In the upcoming weeks Sivagami is stuck in a swirl of trouble caused by Easwari from inside the jail. Unexpected murders are encountered leaving Sivagami perplexed. Tune into to COLORS Tamil to find out the hard truth unravel about the murder plot in the upcoming episodes at 8:00 PM.


Myna (Monday to Saturday, 8:30 PM): Clever little Myna now has a ray of hope with Collector Tamilselvan by her side.  Siva’s book launch event is happening and on the other hand, MLA’s brother comes up with a new trap that set to cost Myna’s life. Will Collector help Myna from being caged as bonded labor? Tune into COLORS Tamil at 8:30 PM to find out Collector’s smart plans.

Perazhagi (Monday to Saturday, 9:30 PM): The uplifting drama that portrays the social stigmas against dark-skinned damsel successfully reaches the 400th episode. As the wedding of Prithvi and Nethra is around the corner, the calm and composed Kayal proposes Prithvi leaving him jolted with regret. On the other hand, with advice of the astrologer Nethra is in a rush to tie-knot with Prithvi. Look out for Nethra’s ruthless twisted wedding plans and Kayal’s comeback only on COLORS Tamil at 9:30 PM.

Thirumanam (Monday to Saturday, 10:00 PM): Shakthi forces Santhosh to get married to her instantly yet he forbids her request. Janani becoming a puppet to Shakthi’s love agony, will Janani and Santhosh walk away, leaving this marriage in shambles? Find out the fate of San-Jan at 10:00 PM on COLORS Tamil.