A visual representation of ten incarnations


Yada yada hi dharmasya, glaanir bhavati Bharata 

Abhyuddhanam adharmasya, tadaatmaanam srujamyaham”


In the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna, while addressing Arjuna says, “Whenever and wherever there is a decline of dharma (righteousness) and there is predominance of adharma,, I descend Myself on to Earth during such time to protect dharma“. Lord Vishnu, hailed as the protector, had taken various Avatarams (incarnations) in every Yuga to restore dharma.  The ten of His incarnations are very popular and are known as Dasavarataram. It is evident from the 10 incarnations that these are in accordance with the then prevailing existence. Starting from the species of fish, there is a gradual evolution of these incarnations to higher  and complex organisms.

matsyaḥ kūrmo varāhaśca narasiṃhaśca vāmanaḥ |

rāmo rāmaśca rāmaśca kṛṣṇaḥ kalkir janārdanaḥ ||

The ten incarnations are: Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Balarama, Krishna and Kalki.

Art forms are the best way to elevate mankind with the messages from great Indian mythological stories. Dasavataram – dance production is one such attempt to visually present the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu through Bharatanatyam with novel lyrics written by Sri.T.H.Thiyagarajan and dance choreographed by Smt.S.Divyasena.

Divyanjali will be presenting “Dasavatharam”- A Bharatanatyam dance drama production in the following sabas on these dates during this music and dance festival

* 25/12/2017  @ 4:30  PM at Jaigopal Garodia Hindu Vidyalaya, West mambalam under the auspices of Rasika fine arts

* 17/01/2018 @  7:15 PM  under the auspices of  The Mylapore Fine Arts Club, Musiri Subramaniam Salai.

* 22/01/2018 @ 7:30  PM at Sivagami petachi auditorium, Mylapore under the auspices of Brahma gana sabha

The blessings of the Lord Vishnu shall prevail on this earth forever and Divyanjali hopes to provide the rasikas an opportunity to enjoy the blessing through an art form.