Engineering Service Exam ( UPSC ) – Career Option for Engineers in Govt.

Engineering Service Exam ( UPSC ) – Career Option for Engineers in Govt.

A Career in Government

Today a career in Government is a very lucrative option that too when it is in the “Core Area” for the Engineers. After the last pay commission the Pay & Perks have also become comparable with private sector with good work-personal life balance.

Current Scenario – Bleak for Engineers

The job market today is in very precarious situation particularly for engineers. A large number of them normally aspire to be in IT with in India or abroad. But recent developments show that there is a serious crisis in IT recruitment and further a large number of them are losing their existing jobs as reported in various media. Since Trump Administration in US the employment opportunities in US are also seriously hampered, with issuance of H1B Visas serious curtailed.

Another fact which points out serious issue for engineers in particular is that, a large number of engineering colleges which had mushroomed earlier are getting shut. This clearly confirms that the lack of opportunities for the engineers is making less and less students opt for engineering as a career and therefore closure of colleges.

Way Out:

Engineering Services Examination ( also known as Indian Engineering Service ) conducted by UPSC is  a prestigious competitive exam for Engineers who are looking for a core assignment in Government at Senior Level.

This examination is conducted annually by UPSC for which a notification is issued in September every year. An Aspirant has to go through 3 stages of testing namely Preliminary & Mains, both of which are written examination and a Personality Test. Total sum of marks scored in all the three stages considered for ranking. The exams are conducted for 4 categories namely Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

Candidates who have completed their Engineering degree and who are in final year are eligible to apply. Credentials of qualifying examinations will not be a part of assessment.

Successful candidate will be posted as Group A service officer of Gazetted rank.

The career growth is as follows:

An IES officer  begins his career  with a designation of Assistant Executive Engineer or Assistant Director

With 3 to 4 years of Experience, he is eligible for a promotion as Executive Engineer or Director or Work Manager

With 8 years of Experience his designation changes to Deputy General Manager or Joint Director

With 13 years of Experience, he gets promoted to Joint General Manager or Chief Engineer of level 2

With 20 years of Experience he becomes Chief Engineer or Additional General Manager

With 30 years of Service the position of Senior General Manager or Engineer-in-Chief can be achieved.

With 34 years of Service an IES officer becomes Chairman or Managing Director of governmental organisation.

A candidate appearing for Engineering Services Examination at his final year, at the age of 22 years and achieving the goal in his first attempt can serve as a Chairman or Managing Director for more than 4 years.

Monetary benefits are equivalent to those of an IAS officer. Higher positions in some of the services like Railways, Railway stores, Defence, Power Engineering, Water Engineering, Telecom  covered through this recruitment.

IES officers have authority to issue an official stamp received from President of India / Governor of States.

They are the representatives and delegates of Indian State and the President.

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