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The EARTHLING Garden Store

Every day an Earthling is born … be it an insect, a bird, an animal, a plant or a human being  ….. the EARTHLING  Garden Store was also born … of an idea , a dream, a passion to be near and with Nature …and here they are, 3 weeks old , being nurtured by the Sun , Wind , Rain and pure affection of all the nature loving , warm people of Virgumbakkam and the surrounding areas.

The EARTHLING Garden Store is nestled in Natesa Nagar, Chennai, not too far away from Koyembedu ,  Chinmayanagar, Annanagar ,Sayee Nagar ,  Saligramam, KK Nagar , Valsaravakkam , Ashok Nagar  and even Porur!! And you may ask what makes this so special? The Theme of the Store itself ….  For Beauty, Therapy and Community.

Set in a beautiful and serene ambience, the Earthling has a huge variety of indoor and outdoor plants , Fruit tree saplings including Mosambi, Oriental orange, Gooseberry, Sapota, Gauva,   different kinds of Bamboo, Palms, flowering plants like Rose, Jasmine, Ixora( Vrikshi), Nandyarvattam, Kanakambaram, Hibiscus , Oleander (Arali), Champa, Adenium and many more plant varieties with Pots in Terracotta, Porcelain, Plastic, Plant holders, flower and vegetable seeds , Soil and manure , Potting mix …just to name a few .

The EARTHLING Garden Store
The EARTHLING Garden Store is nestled in Natesa Nagar, Chennai

Situated right at the entrance to the 3rd Main Road, it is a place not to be missed if you are a plant lover.  They are looking to introduce weekend workshops with specialists in the field of Horticulture, for kids and elders on Basics of Gardening, Art of Bonsai and other related topics.

Music Director and Actor GV Prakash, the ‘Darling’ of the Tamil Film Industry was spontaneous in accepting the invitation to inaugurate the Store. He along with the Team of the block buster film ‘DARLING were seen mingling with the people at Earthling on the 6th September and they continue to be well –wishers and frequent visitors.

The Store also has plans to introduce a Herb garden which will have Tulsi, Brahmi, Basil, Oregano and other known plants of culinary and medicinal value. They will also offer consultancy for setting up Terrace gardens. Landscaping, Fountains & Pools, organic Vegetable gardens. Purchases would also be available online soon from their portal www.earthling.green

Earthling would like to invite the active participation of like-minded plant and nature lovers to be a part of their endeavor to bring the young and the old to grow and Gift a Garden, full of Love, Care, Beauty and Good Health. They believe in Live Green, Give Green

The promoter Vasant Sampath, an Engineer by profession, managed to squeeze in a Diploma in Horticulture a few years ago to satiate his passion for Plants an Gardening …..  ‘Back to Nature’ is always a favorite phrase that he passionately spoke of with his wife and sons. He inherited his maternal grandmother’s ‘green fingers’ and is thankful to her for having instilled this early in his life.

Earthling Garden Store is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 8 pm and is managed by Bharat Vasant who has recently developed his interests in gardening. The contact numbers for the Store are 9198403 77768 and 91 9884579752 and email; gardenearthilng@gmail.com. They are also happy to do door delivery for volume orders and look forward to inspire beautiful balconies and colorful gardens in Chennai.