Inauguration of 512 Slice CT Scan in Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals

Inauguration of 512 Slice CT Scan in Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals, Velappanchavadi, Chennai


Great developments in CT technology, such as the introduction of spiral scanning, multi-row detector systems, exceptionally short scanning times, together with the introduction of new techniques have made CT an increasingly popular diagnostic tool. Dr. Mehta’s has understood the importance of this tool and have introduced an advanced imaging system, the 512 Slice CT System.

Dr. Haripriya Aravind, Director of Aravind Eye Hospital inaugurated the 512 Slice Computed Tomography (CT) system at Dr Mehta’s Hospitals – Global Campus, Velappanchavdi on 15th July 2019. The event was presided by Mr Dilip Mehta, Chairman of Dr Mehta’s Hospitals. Medical Director Dr Kannan and his team lighted the kuthuvilaku to mark the auspicious beginning.


The new CT Scan offers many advantages to both patients and doctors. These include superb image quality, lower dosage, a more comfortable experience for patients, more patient-centred examinations, the ability to combine anatomical and functional imaging, early detection and clear diagnosis.

The new CT scan offers fast, high-quality acquisitions at optimized dose for patients young and old, large and small, across a wide spectrum of procedures: cardiac, angiography, brain, chest, abdomen, orthopedic, and more. It has special features like Poly-trauma Assessment, Triple Rule Out for Cardiac Emergencies, Virtual Endoscopy, SnapShot Pulse, CT Colonography, CT Perfusion and Vessel Analysis.