Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization (IPPI) on 30-04-2017.

Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization (IPPI) today

Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization (IPPI) on 30-04-2017.

 As part of Nationwide Intensified Pulse Polio Campaign on 30-04-2017, Tamil Nadu State has made all arrangements to conduct the campaign by specially establishing 43051 booths in all PHCs/Government Hospitals/ICDS centres, Noon meal centres, schools and other important places.

Key messages

1.Immunization booths will function from 7am to 5pm 2. All children in the age group of (0-5) years were given 2 drops of Polio vaccine in the first round (02-04-2017 Sunday) and the Second round will be given on 30-04-2017 Sunday. 3. Children immunized recently under Routine Immunization Schedule should also to be given Polio drops on the campaign days. 4. All new born children should be given Polio drops on campaign days. 5. To identify missed out children, finger marking is done for all vaccinated children. 6. Private Paediatricians will also administer polio drops in their clinics on IPPI days. 7. Children of Migrant labourers are also given polio drops on the campaign days.

Transit booths / mobile teams to cover moving children and remote area population:

1652 transit booths will be functioning in major bus stands, railway stations, Toll plaza, Airports during the campaign days to cover the children on travel. 1000 mobile teams have also been formed to administer polio drops to children living in remote, inaccessible and migrant areas.

 Mobilization of Manpower

About 2 lakhs personnel from Health, Integrated Child Development Service, Education and other Government Departments and volunteers are participating in the Campaign.

Tamil Nadu stepping into 13th Polio Free Year:  Due to successful implementation of Pulse Polio Campaigns, the State is entering 13th polio free year. Now, it is very much crucial to sustain this polio free status and to protect our children from any possible transmission of wild polio virus. All parents are requested to utilize this opportunity and get their children immunized on Pulse Polio days. “Let us Join hands for complete eradication of Poliomyelitis from the earth”