Knee pain? Permanent solution by -New Combined Therapy

Knee pain? Permanent solution by -New Combined Therapy

Knee pain occurs due to several reasons. Osteoarthritis is one among them. The lower end of femur bone (thigh bone) and upper end of tibia (leg bone) forms the knee joint. As we age, the muscles which support the knee joint becomes weak. Due to muscle weakness and obesity, the body weight is upon the knee joint. In order to strengthen the bones, our body tends to deposit osteophytes (Bone forming cells) or calcium on the knee joint bones. These osteophytes strike with each other and create some sound during the bending movement of the knee joint. While bending the knee, these osteophytes compress the nacked nerves (pain receptors) causing pain. As the deposition of osteophytes increase, the range of movement in the knee joint will decrease. In earlier stages, these osteophytes can be removed by Arthroscopic Surgery,however,in later stages it will require a total replacement surgery where the lower end of femur and upper end of tibia are removed and replaced with artificial parts.The knee joint is innervated (supply) by the branches from Sciatic, Obturator and Femoral Nerves. Sometimes these nerves get compressed at the hip level and cause knee pain making differential diagnosis is important.  In combined therapy, homeopathy medicines like Arnica and RhusTox are effective.

In physiotherapy, vibration from the ultra sound machine removes the excess osteophytes. The amount of osteophytes removed depends on the output of the ultrasound machine and the area of osteophytes deposited on the knee joints. Along with this, to increase the blood circulation, shortwave diathermy must be given. To increase the range of movement in the joint Manzero’s manipulation is an effective option. Knee pain due to heamarthritis (rare condition) can be corrected by the above treatment without any side effects.For details Contact: Satthyhomeo-Physio-centre. www.AYYOPAIN.COM  Phone No. 9841385448….9445375217

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