While most children were spending their vacations playing video games or learning new skills, this group of children from the Chetinad Township near kovilambakam used their time to set up a food stall in their area, with delicious items prepared by the residents. The sale proceeds were later donated to the nearby orphanage in the form of Rice bags and necessary groceries. ‘This interaction with the orphans has helped them to become more socially responsible citizens’, said the parents.

To make this a sustained and continuous monthly process, this group which calls itself The Chetinad Children’s Committee, has recently joined hands with FACES-SHARE TO CARE Movement started by Mrs.Lellapalli Sridevi (Rex Karmaveer Gold medal winner-United Nations).Mrs. Sridevi connects school/college children to the nearby orphanages and makes the communities to support and adopt orphanages through FACES(Food, Aid, Clothing, Education, Shelter).The children have promised to work together and have monthly meetings on the last Saturday of every month to support the local orphanage with the help of FACES Movement.

Also, the children are using the latest mobile technology, to create  awareness amongst their class mates and relatives, about their bond with their less fortunate brothers and sisters in orphanages.

The chetinad children commitee is headed by Vinay Dutta and members Ivan,Irene,Uttara,R.Sudarsan,,C.Nitheil,Aditya,Ram Anandan and Sonu.

During the first meeting with this group, Mrs.Sridevi expressed her satisfaction with the work done by the team and their parents and welcomed them as members of FACES Movement.

Children and parents in other colonies are welcome to join the FACES Movement by sending a mail to