The Magic called home Based care: Alaya Health

The Magic called home Based care: Alaya Health

Today more people are diagnosed suffer with like diabetes, COPD (asthama), advanced cancer or cardiovascular disease. Majority of us will undergo these conditions in our lifetime. These diseases though incurable are not less painful. A hospital cannot cure them the same way they cure dengue or malaria. This is the reason why more people tend to live longer but do they live happier? We seem to be simply adding days to life than life to those days. A recent survey shows majority of us will face average of 10 years battling these incurable illnesses. WHO estimates for 100,000 people a minimum of 500 people with these requiring care facing these conditions. Do you want these 10 years to be filled with excruciating suffering with inflated bills and innumerable hospital visits? Do you feel trapped and have lost hope? Do you wish to take control of the illnesses of your love one? Do you want to spend your days at hospital?

Elderly parents particularly face a lot of difficulty, as with age their dependency increases also their need of medical attention skyrockets. This burden of the disease limits their quality of life slowly & severely. For example a diabetic patient will have ulcers which do not heal in the foot which requires care. They have to visit a hospital even for a basic dressing of the wound. Their dependence on family gets painful when their kids are working and don’t have time to attend to their parents. This kind of generates guilt on both side parents as well as kids. Ultimately the parents start sacrificing for the kids and start ignoring the signs of medical attention. Slowly the disease takes control & the parent has to be hospitalized.

There is a solution if there is high quality medial support available at home. That is what we at Alaya  Health have excellence in. For the past 5 years we have engineered a change in Pondicherry where we are providing care to 1000+elderly & terminally ill patients at the comfort of their home. We have been able to improve the quality of life of these 1000 patients drastically. We understand the need of not only making medical services available at doorstep. But also we understand that in need of empowering the family in care.

At Alaya health we focus on providing world class care at home we work with a team of experienced doctors, nurses & caregivers.The team can do advanced procedures at home like catheterization, IV, enema etc. We wish you take control of your loved ones chronic illness and improve the quality of life. For example if the same diabetic patient gets a healthcare team visit him regularly advise him on diet and excercise, also provide him wound care for his foot ulcers. A doctor visits him periodically and prescribes medication which he gets free as part of the care. The team guides the family in basic do’s and don’ts for caring for the patients. There is periodic counselling which happens with an experienced caregiver. Don’t you think the patient will have better quality of life? This is what we at Alaya promises an experience as no other for better quality of life. Enroll your loved one in the Alaya’s packages which starts at as little as 800 per month this Vijaydasami and feel the difference. Let’s fight chronic illness and take back control.

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