Matram Don’t Waste Donate Waste

Don’t Waste Donate Waste

MATRAM (NGO) has started a project called Don’t Waste Donate Waste – Save Chennai Save Child which is  volunteered by a huge strong team named NALAIYA INDIA NANGA and the complete Event is done by Fame Event Creation and Pop Fiesta Entertainment and lots of Media Partners. This project is all about collecting recyclable waste like newspaper & books etc. We have already started our awareness Campaigns like Street play, Flash mob, Performance etc. Apart from media partners we also have printing partners disturbing lakhs of Posters, handbill, banners etc. We are also making 10 to 20 seconds of video ads done by top Celebrities saying that they support (NALAIYA INDIA NANGA) which is   broadcasted on Radio and Television. These waste Newspapers & Books are recycled and made into funds which are used to help people who are in need, Patients, Education purpose etc.

There are 120 crores of people in our country, out of which 45 crores are children. Out of this number, 42% are below poverty line with no funding for education.
What is worse 10% of this number are child labourers. We as a team have started a project called Nalaiya India Nanga – Don’t waste Donate Waste -Save Chennai Save Child. There are about 80 lakh kilos of waste paper being burnt to ashes which is of no use to anyone. We the team members of Nalaiya India Nanga – Don’t waste Donate Waste – Save Chennai Save Child have decided to collect papers, and Magazines and Old note books and Recycle them. The amount we get from it will be is going to be used for a good cause. This amount will be helpful to provide education and medical assistance to those who are in need of the entire amount

Since the summer holidays have started, students from various schools have volunteered to join hands with us. Even working people voluntarily have given their precious time to work with us.

People who have come to know about Nalaiya India Nanga – Don’t waste Donate Waste – Save Chennai Save Child have already started donating papers, magazines and old notes books. A lady from Anna Nagar proudly expressed that her son cleaned his bookshelf after six months in order to donate old note books and papers to Nalaiya India Nanga – Don’t waste Donate Waste – Save Chennai Save Child, which was very much touched by the good deed done by our team.

NALAIYA INDIA NANGA – DON’T WASTE DONATE WASTE SAVE CHENNAI SAVE CHILD has conducted a campaign at ALSA MALL Egmore near Museum from morning 8.00A.M – 9.00P.M from April 22nd to may 26th.We had a great response and support by the public and  we also thank alsa mall for giving us the space for conducting our event.

Its not the end, this project will be continued at Spencer Plaza 3rd phase 1st floor. So we request you to drop your newspaper at Spencer and participate in the paper donate challenge or also Contact 7401108883, 7401108884 for newspapers pick up at your door step