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OBESITY – truly an unresolved epidemic in modern world

It’s a silent killer whose dimensions of onset are vast. Obesity has its claws dug deep without exception starting from children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens.There are various fatal health risks intertwined with obesity.
There is no stop gap solution for obesity.

The Medical Park have arrived at the true multidimensional solutions for obesity with integrated non-invasive and invasive approaches to fat loss. We address all possible aspects of weight loss by our own unique state of art technologies to accomplish fat loss and not fluid or muscle loss.

Our integrated approaches to proven fat loss are yoga with fully harnessed meditation centre, customized prescribed fitness therapy and nutritious and balanced food, hormone, mineral and vitamin optimization as these are the very focus of weight loss as hormones are the regulators of all essential physiology in the body and skin tightening.

Invasive techniques like body contouring include liposuction, tummy tuck, arm tuck, breast procedures and calf implants.
These procedures are done with highest precision and lifetime life time warranty products to guarantee internationally competitive results.
We are the pioneers in age management in India with eminent global surgeons with over thirty years of experience leading the true holistic path to enhanced life, exaggerated energy and exquisite beauty.

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THE MEDICAL PARK, 112/3rd Floor, AB Eldorado, Nungambakkam High Road, Ch-34, Web: www.themedicalpark.com, PH: 044-28281154 / 43135588 / 9840766969