Saveetha Dental College STAR Summit

Saveetha Dental College conducting  STARSummit:2015 from June 29th

Saveetha Dental College conducting Transdisciplinary Annual Research Summit (STARSummit:2015) from 29th June to 11th July 2015 at  Saveetha Dental College,Poonnamalle. The STAR summit spans over a period of 12 days. 1400 research projects of undergraduate students will be showcased, among them 53 papers have been accepted to be published for the month of May.   STAR summit will have 4 days dedicated exclusively for basic medical sciences, two days for preclinical research work and six days for clinical research. What other place would be more apt to display these projects than the library where the thinking caps go on the student’s brains. The students’ work will be reviewed and appraised by other students, their peers from other colleges and also from eminent faculties in each fraternity. Gone are the days where a research has to percolate through many barriers to reach their pedestal, Saveetha offering a priceless platform for students to reach out and extend arms to the scientific globe around us.

            As quoted by Dr. Deepak Nallasamy, Director of Academics, Saveetha University “Igniting passion for research is the responsibility of an institution. We at Saveetha take this responsibility serious to empower our students to have all the required professional skills”

Research with a mind for the future direction towards diagnosis and therapeutics forms a pivot for the evolution and enhancement of the health care front. Synchronizing with this thought, Saveetha Dental College has embarked on a research platform which is the first of its kind amongst any educational institution in India. Our UG curriculum is designed and tailored so as to motivate the budding scholars of our institution to re-search with endurance and perseverance. A systematic protocol with regular documentation and monitoring enables the student to achieve their target. Saveetha Transdisciplinary Annual Research Summit (STARSummit) has evolved as an arena to present the elaborate research work done by the young minds.

            This academic deliberation spans over a period of 12 days and will comprise of research work across all disciplines of dentistry including basic medical sciences. Apart from providing a platform to present their research, STARSummit also gives an opportunity for the students to hone their analytical skills, defend their work and appraise other works. Synchronizing the teaching curriculum with research right from the undergraduate level enables our students to have an edge over others in this competitive scenario with the STARSummit being the stepping stone for achieving greater heights.