Sri Krishna Sweets Programmes

Sri Krishna Sweets CSR 0,000 + Programmes

Sri Krishna Sweets CSR 0,000 + Programmes

Following the footsteps of his father the visionary, mentor and founder of Sri Krishna Sweets Sri N. Mahadeva Iyer, Sri M.Murali has been conducting several programs for the benefit of all the citizens in Chennai since 1996.

It is a rare feat of honour to celebrate Sri Krishna Sweets completing more than 10,000 programs a milestone achieved by Sri M Murali who had always been an inspiration for others to follow

The goal was to foster and promote music, dance, literature, sport, dramatics, arts & crafts and spirituality.  Because we always believe in doing good to the society every day. All programs in Chennai are organized in association with sabhas, institutions, social and cultural organizations.

Each syllable of Om Namasivaya mantra is filled with meaning. Om, of course, is believed to be the mystical sound at the heart of the universe. “Na” is Lord Siva’s “concealing grace;” “Ma” refers to the world. “Śi” is a reference to Lord Siva himself, and “Vā” represents his “revealing grace.” Finally, the syllable “Ya” stands for the soul. Other explanations of the syllables include references to the five elements (earth, water, fire, and air) and the five chakras.  Sri Krishna Sweets in association with Annapoorna Ammal Foundation has been printing pamphlets for the devotees to write Om Namasivaya 108 times.  The pamphlets are being distributed to the devotees by the volunteers of the foundation during every Pradhosam since 2005. Sri Krishna
Sweets is proud to announce that over 100 crore times of Om Namasivaya Thirumandiram has been written by 1 Crore devotees.

The 1000 different names of Lord Vishnu have great power. Reciting this mantra also helps relax one’s thoughts and reduce worries. This peace of mind gained from this mantra can help one channel their thoughts towards positivity. Sri Krishna Sweets with a dedicated vision jointly in association with Visvas has completed more than 20 crore Divya Namam of Lord Vishnu by school children and elders for global peace since 2009. Over 180 schools have participated in the annual event of chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam.

“Absorb your mind and heart in Me, become My devotee, worship Me, offer your obeisances to Me, and certainly you will come to Me.” is the essence of the Bhagavad-gita.  Sri Krishna Sweets in association with Chinmaya Mission was successful in bringing together more than 20 lakh students in chanting Bagavad Gita over a period of 20 years.

 Bhajans are the most effective medium to reach God.  Keeping this in mind Sri Krishna Sweets h as organized more than 400 bhajans creating a divine platform.

Satsang gives spiritual illumination and is one of the fundamental means for attaining God-real-ization. Sri Krishna Sweets has organized more than 2260 satsangs till date.

Musical discourses are a medium of replacement of the negative emotion with a positive vibration. Sri Krishna Sweets has conducted more than 343 musical discourses that bring profound satisfaction.

Medical camps are a special initiative of Sri Krishna Sweets to provide healthcare services to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalized community in remote rural areas and slums. Customized health camps are organized extensively offering comprehensive health services – curative, preventive and referral to a large number of people in selected intervention areas.  Sri Krishna Sweets have completed 400 free medical camps.

Dances of all types in India have roots in Hindu arts and religious practices. Sri Krishna Sweets has been organising Dance programs to explore the talents of the younger generation. More than 74 dance programs have been conducted by Sri Krishna Sweets so far.

The enactment of drama in theater is a widely used art form that is found in virtually all cultures.  In order to promote dramas Sri Krishna Sweets have conducted more than 570 dramas

Tamil literature and language will develop only because of encouragement provided to the writers and orators.  Sri Krishna Sweets had conducted more than 789 programs and honouring them with Arivu Nidhi award, Tamizh Nidhi award, Annam award,  Illakiya Irattaiyar award and so on.

Motivational talk is organised for inspiring young students in schools by Sri Krishna Sweets. A lot of aspects of public speaking are covered including body language, voice control, eye contact, grammar and a host of other things. About 446 programs have been completed till date.

Music is utilized in treating depressed or anxious patients and it can change our mood within minutes or instantaneously. People could focus more on enjoying their experience of the music journey towards happiness. Sri Krishna Sweets has conducted 519 music programs altogether.

When it comes to Patriotism, Sri Krishna Sweets has conducted more than 102 programs inclusive of Desathin Kural, Thaayin Manikodi and so on. Patriotism is devoted love, support and defense of one’s country.  It was a striking program which delivered the patriotism through music, dance and theatrical presentation.

More than 2026 Spiritual programs like Divya Dinangal 108, Anbe Sivam, Jayam Undu Bayam Illai, Yamiruka Bayam En, Kurai Ondrumillai, Yaadhumaagi Nindrai, Iympori Atchikol, Deivathin Kural, Guruvae Saranam have been conducted by Sri Krishna Sweets.

General Programs of more than 2304 have been conducted by Sri Krishna Sweets till date.  Sri Krishna Sweets concern for people and their safety at Elliots Beach appointed lifeguards and has saved hundreds of lives till date.  Tree plantation is other pet project of Sri Krishna Sweets. So far more than 15000 saplings with tree guard have been donated by Sri M Murali. Sri Krishna Sweets has restored more than 50 water bodies due to various reasons.  Feeding of poor physically challenged, senior citizens, orphans by serving them gourmet food prepared by chefs from prestigious star hotels. Women empowerment programs like Sakthi Kodu, Thittamidu Thottuvidu, Nalloruku Vanakkam, Magizhvom Magizhvippom, Siripu Varadu Siripu Varadu, Unnaiarindal Unnaiarindal are a few successful programs organized by Sri Krishna Sweets.

Sri Krishna Sweets has so far honoured more than 2200 personalities from various walks of life which includes women achievers, vedic pandits, unsung personalities, teachers, nurses, doctors and so on.

It is indeed a pride and honour that Sri Krishna Sweets celebrate the 10000 programs milestone.