taj balloon festival

Taj Balloon Festival

Taj Balloon Festival amazes and exhilarates the city of Agra

~One of the most beautiful and colorful festivals, paint the beautiful skies of Agra with hues of joy ~

Agra, December 1, 2016: The Taj Balloon Festival came to an ecstatic end last evening at the PAC ground, Agra.  The whole venue came alive with a splash of enthusiasm and eagerness. The excitement was palpable amidst much galore and glow. The colorful and fun filled celebrations with more than a dozen hot air balloon launches ,night glow entertainment,and live musical concert, saw a bigger and better outcome to this one of a kind experience. SkyWaltz conducted Taj Balloon Festival 2016 in association with The Uttar Pradesh Government, to several spectators from 25th November to  30th November, 2016.

The Taj Balloon Festival was held for the second time in the city, giving the local and tourists a celebratory bonanza to remember. It was a treat to watch, as the crowd frenzied to the tunes of the hot air balloons. This momentous event witnessed more than 25000 visitors during this 6 day extravaganza. Around 300 people enjoyed a dream come true moment as they glided across one of the 7th Wonder of the World. The passengers enjoyed a majestic moment of exploring the Taj from a remarkable point of view. Those who flew on the Hot Air Balloon, will cherish every moment of the experience which is difficult to narrate. Those who missed the morning glory, had a chance to experience the feel of a tethered flight in the evenings. This wholesome incredible experience provided a family friendly fun environment.

Talking about this initiative, Mr. Samit Garg, Director – Sky Waltz, said, “The experience of flying across the Taj is difficult to express. I am grateful to the people of Agra and the UP tourism who backed this festival and made it successful. It was indeed a pleasure to see such enthusiasm from the locals and tourists alike. We truly hope to make this event an annual festival. It is a moment of grand celebration as we anticipate continuous support from the Government.”

Talking about the festival, Mr Avinash Mishra from UP Tourism said, “ The excitement has been running high amongst all of us. I am pleased to have been a part of such a prestigious festival that was supported wholeheartedly by the locals. This will not only boost the tourism of Agra locally , but also put it up on the global tourism map. We are optimistic that this event will have a long term relation with the city of Agra.“

The 6 day Taj Balloon  Festival saw participation from 15 balloons from different countries including India, the USA, UK, Belgium, UAE, Netherland, Turkey, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Poland, and Malaysia. These included three “special shape” balloons featuring iconic characters Happy Egg, Bob the Lobster & Smurf, an exciting new addition to last year’s festival. Like the previous edition, the core objective of this special initiative was to boost leisure, adventure tourism and aviation based entertainment in the state as per the Department of Tourism, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

For more detailed information about the Taj Balloon Festival 2016 one can visit the official website www.tajballoonfestival.com