An exclusive Tamil monthly for elders welfare

An exclusive Tamil monthly for elders welfare


With Dr.V.S. Natarajan as the Editor, Dr.V.S. Natarajan Geriatric Foundation is all set to launch a Tamil monthly exclusively for the welfare of the elderly.  This magazine is not only for the elderly, will also be quite useful for their families and caregivers also.

     The magazine will cover interesting topics such as Health, women’s health, wealth, happiness, spiritual, leisure and many other useful information. The magazine is nominally priced at Rs.20/- per copy with annual subscription being Rs.240/- The subscription can be paid through cheque or by money order. Cheques should be drawn favouring Dr.V.S. Natarajan Geriatric Foundation and should be sent to the following address:

Dr.V.S. Natarajan Geriatric Foundation

Door No.14, 2nd Floor

Saena Circle

29/2 Duraisamy Road

T Nagar, Ch.17.  Ph: 044 – 48615866

The magazine will be launched on 1st October 2019 The world elders’ day