Revision of Electoral Rolls

The Election Commission of India has announced Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls of intensive nature with reference to 01.01.2019 as the qualifying date.

  1. The draft rolls will be published on 01.09.2018 in all the districts in the Designated Locations (mostly polling station locations which are school buildings). The rolls are also hosted on the website: Copies of the Rolls will be handed over to the Recognized Political Parties by the District Election Officers.
  2. As per the final rolls of previous Special Summary Revision, 2018 published on 10.01.2018, the total electorate of Tamil Nadu was 5.86 crores (Male: 2.90 Crores; Female: 2.96 Crores; Third Gender: 5197 ).
  3. During the Continuous Updation period (i.e. between the period from 11.01.2018 to 31.08.2018) 1.82 lakh inclusions have been made. On account of death, shifting and duplicate entries, 5.78 lakh deletions have been made after following due procedures laid down by the Election Commission of India.
  4. As per the draft electoral rolls of Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls of intensive nature, 2019, published today, the total electorate in Tamil Nadu is 5.82 Crores (Male: 2.88 Crores; Female: 2.94 Crores; Third Gender: 5184 ).
  5. The highest electorate in the State is in 27-Shozhinganallur Assembly Constituency in Kancheepuram district with 6.07 lakhs electors (Male: 3.05 lakhs; Female: 3.02 lakhs; Third Gender: 73).
  6. 18-Harbour Assembly Constituency in Chennai district has the lowest electorate in the State with 1.64 lakh electors (Male: 0.86 lakh; Female: 0.78 lakh; Third Gender 48).
  7. The relevant part /section of the Electoral Roll will be read in the Grama Sabha / Local Bodies and Residents’ Welfare Association Meetings on 08-09-2018, 22-09-2018, 06-10-2018 and 13-10-2018 for verification of names.
  8. Special Campaigns will be conducted on 09-09-2018, 23-09-2018, 7-10-2018 and 14-10-2018 which are Sundays, at the Designated Locations (generally the polling stations). Forms for inclusion/ deletion/ modification/transposition of entries in the Electoral Rolls will be available at the Designated Locations. Filled in forms can be submitted there.

  1. An elector or an eligible citizen who wants to get enrolled or wants to make deletion/correction in existing entry may submit form 6, 7, 8 or 8A to: (1) Booth Level Officer or Electoral Registration Officer / Assistant Electoral Registration Officers office on any working day; (2) Booth Level Officers on Special Camp days at the respective polling stations; (3) the Designated Officer at the designated location on any working day during the Summary Revision claims and objection period.
  2. For inclusion, proof of address and age should be submitted along with the Form. Copy of Ration Card/Bank or Post Office Pass book, Driving License/Passport/latest gas or phone bill/Aadhaar letter etc. may be submitted as proof of residence. Copy of birth certificate or school leaving certificate may be submitted as proof of age. Proof of age is compulsory for applicants below 25 years of age. Online filing is also possible by going to the website
  3. Persons who will be completing 18 years of age on 01.01.2019 and the persons whose names are not included in the Electoral Rolls can apply for inclusion. Except for those seeking registration for the first time (applicants in age group 18-25), all other applicants must furnish their old address and EPIC number. Applicants should compulsorily fill up previous address in ‘Declaration’ column of Form 6.
  4. If the name of the elector is already in Roll, but he/she has lost/misplaced the EPIC then he/she may apply any time in the Taluk Office/ Zonal Office in Form 001.
  5. For inclusion of Indian citizens living abroad, Form 6A should be submitted directly to the Electoral Registration Officer concerned or sent by post to the Electoral Registration Officer. If Form 6A is submitted in person before the ERO, the application should be accompanied by a photo copy of the relevant pages of the passport containing the photograph and all other particulars of the applicant and the page containing the valid visa endorsement. The original passport will be verified by the ERO and returned immediately after verification. If the Form 6A is sent by post, it should be accompanied by a photocopy of the passport duly self-attested.