Magnetism Workshop

YS Magnetism-II Workshop

YS Magnetism-II Workshop is a start-up that is revolutionising how science is being taught to school children- making it fun and exciting. want to provide your child with the confidence and skills to materialise what they imagine- starting from simple models. If a child feels empowered, he or she will grow to be an independent and self-sufficient person.

Magnets are the first things children get engrossed in when it comes to science. Even Albert Einstein claimed magnets were the reason he got interested in physics after playing with them as a child. This workshop quickly introduces the basics of magnetism and tackles the phenomenon of electromagnetism. Make a simple electromagnet and take it home!

Date – July 15th
Venue – IITM-Research Park, Taramani (NOT IIT Madras)
Eligibility– Class II to VI
Time – 2:30 PM to 4 PM
Price – INR 525/-

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