Air Rocketry workshop


Indian Science Congress Association Science Camp at SRM University – Air Rocketry workshop

by SPACE, Chennai

SRM University hosted the Regional Conference on “Science and Technology for National Development” RCSTND 2016 in association with The Indian Science Congress Association – Chennai Chapter at their campus recently.  The Science Camp was conducted for participating school students of Vidya Mandir Estancia and SBOA School & Junior College with a total of 450 participants attended various workshop .  SPACE, a pioneer organization working towards development of science and astronomy in India has conducted the Air Rocketry workshop.

“REAP: Rural Education Achievement Program – A one day workshop for school children on 9th Dec, 2016” is an Innovative programme initiated by the The Indian Science Congress Association Chennai Chapter in association with SRM University to attract talents to the excitement and study of science at an early age.

The space workshop encourage hands-on learning as it stimulates the learning of science, astronomy and other subjects through experimentation, practical application and fun activities. Hands-on learning changes the student’s perception of science from a ‘burden’ to a ‘discovery’. Students enjoy challenges that are fun and work towards a better future.

SPACE Educator explained about rocketry, introduced different types of rockets, parts of rockets and working principle of rockets.  Through this workshop students realized that even as simple and as omnipresent thing like air can be used as a fuel to launch rockets which flies to great heights and lengths. They learnt about Pop rockets, Stomp rockets, Air Rockets and Hydro rockets through demonstrations. Later they launched all the types of rockets in a friendly competition which made them to apply the science they have learnt about rockets, projectile motion and launch angles.  Laws of motion and Aerodynamics.

Mrs. Sujatha Arun participating teacher from SBOA School Said ” Excellent exposure to the young minds, ignited their curiosity to learn through experiments.  One of the best workshop attended So far.”  Mr. R. Deva Prathap Singh participating teacher from Vidya Mandir, Estancia Said ” Interesting show and very useful to school students, they were very much interested to watch and understand the science concepts.” Dr.A.Karthigeyan Asst. Prof. from SRM University quoted “Very interesting and useful workshop for the school as well as college students”.

Finally SRM University professors Dr. A. Karthigeyan and Mr. Sivakumar launched Hydro Rockets and the Event Co-oordinator Dr. A. Alagiriswamy thanked the SPACE team for their flawless efforts.