Bhairavasai Temple madipakkam celebrating its founder’s day

Bhairavasai Temple Trust is celebrating its founder’s day

The Bhairavasai Temple Trust is celebrating its founders day on 17 th Jan 2016 at  6 Pm in the temple, No 6 Barath Nager Main at Madipakkam.  The temple was built in the 1993 by Late Shridi Sai Dasan Sri. G Meenakshi Sundram. The Temple celebrates founder’s day and continues the missionary effort for which the founder Shirdi Sai dasan , a great man sacrificed his life.

The day  is dedicated by the current trustees to honor all those who have worked hard in the temple since 1993. Corus Recital of Pancharathina Keerthanas by famous Carnatic musicians is organised and will be sung at 6 PM.  The Trust invite all to participate and and have the holy darshan of Shirdi Sai baba.

For more details please contact: Shri Bhairavasai Temple Trust, 6 – Barath Nager Main, Madipakkam – Chennai 600091, Landline : 044-22476833.