Internationally renowned Population Expert and Founder of United Writers’ Association, Chennai, Chevalier Dr.K.Thiagarajan has been selected for conferment of BHARAT JOTHI EXCELLENCE  Honour and Gold Medal by Bharatiya Samaj Vikas Academy,Mumbai during the Annual Convention on “Ëmpowerment of Teachers for Building Sustaintable Global Society” during November,16 at Mumbai.

and Founder of United Writers’ Association, Chennai, Chevalier Dr.K.Thiagarajan
and Founder of United Writers’ Association, Chennai, Chevalier Dr.K.Thiagarajan

Always clamouring for consistent cultivation of human excellence and unleashing Human potential in all its myriad manifestation and armed with legendary negotiating skills,  Dr.Thiagarajan in his vast panorama of literary horizon spanning for over three and half decades often orchestrates his literary sensibilities creating an conducive environment devoid of magnificence, extravagance and grandeur anchored as much as by rigour and variety in repertoire as by imagination and inventiveness in improvisation.  Passion, Perfection and Practice – the subtle intangible buzz words were some of the words he keep mesmerising so often with sweeping rapidity in all his lecture circuits and workshops.

      A multi-disciplinary scholar articulating authentically in search of nuances in various realms of knowledge and rated as a strong campaigner for sustained social responsibility and considered as an epitome of inimitable and incredible humility and simplicity, Dr. Thiagarajan’s enunciation of philosophy of service in a coherent, disciplined and consistent manner (which is a true calling of his life) and legitimatising them how to plan and execute the tasks and the profound interaction with a galaxy of top-notch leaders in variegated disciplines who exemplified as role-models bespeak of the abundant respect and warmth showered on him. Goals in life should always be fine-tuned with clear-cut objective trying to shoot a target at a shooting range bamboozling one’s capabilities whatever one is trying to accomplish.

Medley of talents:

 An evangelist for ushering and radicalising leadership qualities and indeed any amount of epithet – be it scholar of eminence, teacher, researcher with International exposure, holder of impeccable academic accolades, manager of academic Programmes nurturing high performance work environment, resounding organiser, Creative global thinker fits admirably this eminent journalist whose innate vision and Relentless quest for leveraging and infusing sustainable vigour into the frontier and demystifying areas of research to reach global standards has been always awe-inspiring as a dazzling diamond to the diadem of his scholarship and erudition. Churchill’s rever-

berating aphorisms fits more admirably this eminent scholar: “A much modest man who has nothing he needs except to be modest about”.

      Currently he is piloting an intensive comparative study on competitiveness and Economic development of nations and the application of competitive principles to myriad social problems such as equitable and sustainable socio-economic development, judicious use of natural resources, cultural diversity, health care, conservation of environment and sustained corporate social responsibility.

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