Tanjore painting workshop


We are currently living in a tech powered era where technology has been integrated into every vertical of life. Right from lunch boxes we use, everything has become smart. In the process of upgrading ourselves, we have missed out on things which are really important to us. In my experience I have seen people who are too restless or stressed out to do anything. They find their lives meaningless and unhappy even with their high paying lucrative jobs. When I deeply looked into it, I found what they have been missing: The Inner Peace.

Peace of mind is one of those instants in life that are hard to describe, but easy to know. In those fleeting instants, there are no doubts, anxieties, or cares. This is what we call Zen or Dhyana state of mind. The Zen state calms the soul and injects fresh air into the system relieving oneself from all anxiousness and depressions. This level of mind enables people to focus and think more rationally. As a result they can face life with renewed vigour and confidence.

Here comes the important question: How to attain this inner peace? The answer is simple: “ Do what makes you to zone out the noises of the external world”  It may anything that catches the attention of the soul and gives you solitude. When I was solving this puzzle myself, I found art as my missing piece. I feel like creating myself every time I create an art. Soon, I realized this is my cup of coffee, made it my career and started working as an art teacher. I have been in this field for more than 12 years. Though I was working as an art teacher, I felt I couldn’t convey the essence of the art as I wanted it to be and one find day I founded Maven – The Art Academy. I made sure that my academy not only houses people who are interested in drawing and paintings but also other various forms of art.

Maven has now become one big roof to learn various forms of art and activities like Yoga, Classical and Western dance, Musical instruments, Chess, Karate and much more. In accordance with the name, ‘Maven’ specialises in all forms of painting and have well designed curriculum for all levels of drawing classes. I strongly believe there is no age limit for creativity and learning. I wish everyone engages themselves in any art form and rejuvenates their mind and soul.

For more details contact: 9840473664/ 9094990718/ 24830787

Maven is conducting Ten days Tanjore painting workshop for adults.

The workshop starts from 17th October 2016 to 7th November 2016. Classes will be on Monday, Wednesday & Friday only. The teaching starts from board preparation to completion of the painting.  We also assist/direct the participants on availability of materials in Chennai during the course of workshop.