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“Cargoji” delivers Efficiently and Effectively

Moving household, parcels, perishables and small business consignments are always a challenge to families, SMEs and small time retailers.  To bridge the gap and service this niche segment, two young men, Suresh Kumar and Ashwin Gurunathan have launched Cargoji, an online logistics firm in August 2015, in Chennai.

One can log on to to move anything intra-city delivery ranging from household shifting, food delivery, business related deliveries etc. In four months from the launch, has enrolled over 350 mini-trucks (TATA Ace, Dost, Eicher, TATA 407, etc) of different categories spanning entire Chennai.

To enlarge the scope and get the public to understand this unique concept, a function was held where Mrs. B. Yamuna Devi, Additional Commissioner, Customs (Air CARGO) participated. It was an interesting sight to see more than 200 drivers being excited to receive smartphones from the dignitaries.

According to Mr. Suresh Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO, Cargoji, “This is the first initiative where we want to empower the drivers of mini-trucks and small transport vehicles, by giving them the latest smart phone. This phone will be connected to a grid and if somebody in Anna Nagar wants a transport vehicle, the message will be communicated to the driver who is close by and the link is processed. In the short span of four months, we have found excellent response in all our customers and we are growing by the day.”

Mr. Ashwin Gurunathan, Co-founder & CMO, Cargoji said “Cargoji has forged ties with FMCG, SMEs and major ECommerce companies with close to 90% resource utilization of its trucks every month. The company is currently finalising contracts with big corporate firms with a vision of process improvements in Last Mile Connectivity, return-loads and customized cargo solutions. Keeping in mind about the technological need and ease it provides to transportation business, we have introduced the Cargoji Mobile App, whichwill prove helpful to both the customers and the drivers. ”

Mrs. B. Yamuna Devi, Additional Commissioner, Customs, said, “We are happy to see this new initiative, benefitting the mini-truck drivers and the general public. Cargoji’s project is different and helps the common man. I would urge the company to enlist women drivers also, who are very serious and carefulin work, which will help the business and the customers in an effective way.”

Features and Benefits of Cargoji Mobile App:

  • Training to drivers about Cargoji Mobile App usage, manage their daily earnings and providing road safety regulations through the App.
  • Engaging with Insurance providers and providing cost efficient insurance options to the Drivers.
  • Process improvements: Return loads benefitting both businesses and Drivers
  • Reduction in Operational expenditure for Business Customers
  • Reduce idle time and providing load requirements matching the vehicle capacity
  • Zero- Negotiations process, standardized process of service
  • Effective feedback mechanism for customers and drivers: Transparent & efficient system

About Cargoji:

Cargoji creates logistics ease-of-access and economic solutions to businesses and Mini-Truck Drivers alike. Since enrolling with Cargoji, many truck drivers have reported a significant rise in business hours utilization and additional revenue. Business Customers have given positive feedback of standardized process and zero-negotiations with timely delivery.

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