When Change Happens book launched at Adyar

“When Change Happens Book Launched at Odyssey bookstore, Adyar

“When Change Happens – A story of Organisational Transformation” Book Launched

At a very interesting & attention-grabbing function at Odyssey bookstore, Adyar, When Change Happens’ a book written by Lalit Jagtiani, Business Transformation Specialist, based in Singapore, was launched in the presence of Mr. Arun. C. Bharat, IRS, Commissioner of Income Tax, Mr. M. M. Murugappan, Vice Chairman, Murugappa Group, Mr. J. S. Sundararajan, Board Member, Paytm Payments Bank, & Mr. Chandu Nair, Co- Founder, Scope e-Knowledge Center.

In his keynote address, Arun. C. Bharat, IRS, said, “Change is inevitable. Change is necessary to stop stagnation and to get fresh ideas. Everyone including the Government needs to change their way of operating periodically, otherwise progress will be halted. I compliment Lalit Jagtiani for bringing a timely book on this timeless topic.” He added that it is refreshing to see a book with an Asian flavour, while most of the well-known motivational/management books are by Western Authors, which represent the western lifestyle.

Mr. M. M. Murugappan, Vice Chairman, Murugappa Group, said, “Change is the essence of advancement. Empowering staff, motivating them, to adapt to change will ensure that companies – big or small to achieve desired results. To put it simply, Change is the lubricant of organisational function.”

Lalit Jagtiani, the Author, said, “I firmly believe that insights on application of concepts are equally important as the concepts themselves. This is what has driven me to compile my experiences across the multiple organisations that I have had the good fortune to engage with, into a compelling story that readers can use to hone their skills on transformation.”

The other guests at the launch Mr. J. S. Sundararajan & Mr. Chandu Nair, also touched upon ‘Adopting, Adapting and Improving’, which is what change is all about. They said the book is for everyone and praised Jagtiani for bringing out this book with simple language that can be easily understood by anyone.

There was a panel discussion after the Launch of book “When Change Happens – A Story Of Organisational Transformation”. The discussion touched on the nuances and importance of change management when it comes to individuals and Organisations. Mr. Chandu Nair, moderated the discussion.

WHEN CHANGE HAPPENS  – A Story of Organisational Transformation

Change management is not a practice where one size fits all. It needs to be adapted, improvised and then fitted to the needs and demands of the organisation. This book does exactly that.

Lalit Jagtiani on why he wrote the book

Change management, business transformation and organisational development are subjects I feel extremely close to.

At a personal level, this book expresses my experiences and insights. But not everything that happened occurred in one sitting of the training or in one session of a workshop that I conducted. It has been a journey of many years, a countless number of workshops, more than a few odd interventions that I have conducted, and innumerable introspective connection that I made inside of me, that continue to inspire me.

There is a very little practical information available in the public domain on how to navigate the complexities of a matrix organisation and the people employed in it. The purpose of writing this story is to provide practitioners and employees with real circumstances they will confront and actual approaches they may require, for combating issues that will crop up during a change management process, threatening to derail it. It will be quite rare for either the coach or the coachee not to experience at least a couple of situations presented.

Lalit is a Business Transformation Specialist. He has led and managed organisation transformation for customers across the Asia Pacific region. Currently, he works with the top customers of SAP to drive innovation and transformation that can create new business value. A Diploma in Film Making led him to script and direct numerous videos and TV spots.

As an advisor to businesses, he believes his unique value comes from his ability to see the connections that are not very obvious. He provides a diagnostic and insight based approach to his engagements. These deliver simple and effective solutions that address the unique business challenges of his customers.

He is certified Master Coach in Organisation Learning, Certified Trainer in BTM2, the transformation Methodology of SAP, a Certified Trainer in Performance Coaching and a leading practitioner of Design Thinking.

He is the co-founder of Lead Think – a platform for leaders and professionals to showcase their capabilities through personal insights and sharing of experiences in driving successful transformation in their organisations.

For more info, contact: Ms. Minal Jagtiani, 98210 20066, lalit.jagtiani@gmail.com