Arappor Iyakkam coffee with MLA

Coffee with MLAs

Coffee with MLAs

Coffee with MLAs, a large gathering of public to question the 122 Koovathur MLAs  who made a mockery of democracy staying away from the public was conducted today at Chennai. Thousands of people gathered at Valluvar Kottam to express their displeasure towards the 122 Koovathur MLAs who did not listen to their voices and question them on why they stayed away at Koovathur and took decisions against the interest of the Public.

All the 122 MLAs were invited to the event by the organizers and none turned up at the event. The event started with Parai music. The event was organized to create a platform for the general public to raise their questions to their MLAs through different ways. The organizers put forth evidences of the corruption and land grab charges of Sasikala and family. Carnatic Singer TM Krishna sang Bharathiyar songs and voiced his displeasure at the turn of events in TamilNadu and how public should come forward to continuously raise questions and restore democracy. Group of women from south chennai raised questions through folkish songs on the MLAs behavior and asked them to appear before them for answering.

Youngsters masked as Chennai MLAs did a mock session answering questions of public on their stay at Koovathur, why they did not listen to people voices. Since the MLAs did not turn up for answering the public, people conducted a Symbolic Secret Ballot of Confidence on the Government. The results showed a complete No Confidence in the Government and the results along with the vote cast will be sent to the President.

All the participants took a pledge to continuously participate in the democratic process and question their Councillors, MLAs and other officials on different social and public issues. The organizers see this as a start of democracy dialogues. They look forward to conduct Coffee with MLAs and Coffee with Councillors in different constituencies and ward in the upcoming days. The event was organized by youth and general public and was facilitated by Arappor Iyakkam.