Corporate Sports Oxygen 2017

Excel’s OXYGEN 2017 The Corporate Sports Carnival

Excel’s OXYGEN 2017 The Corporate Sports Carnival

OXYGEN is a sporting event for corporate companies conceptualized, refined and conducted by Excel HR Facilitations and Services, the co-organisers of RED – The Inter Corporate Cultural Festival.

The Pre Event interactions for Companies called “Warm Ups” was primarily intended to create an awareness on the importance of fitness and to encourage them to participate in this Human Resources Initiative!

The Captains’ Meet brought the Team Reps together for a briefing on the event and the pre requisites, about 5 days prior to the big day!

The day arrived as a bright February morning and the grandeur of the B Ground of Nehru Stadium, Chennai, with the sun streaming from the east, had the ambience suited to drive Oxygen! Companies began registering from 6.45 am onwards. The March Past began at 8.20 am, following the arrival of the Military Chief Guest, Brigadier Rawat. This was followed by the Torch lighting by Former International Sports Celebrities such as Mukesh Lal (Volleyball) Salomi Ramu (Volleyball), Durga (Basketball), Thirugnanadorai (Olympian) and Abraham Verghese, National Footballer and Current Coach. The oath was taken the rep of Sicame India and the Sports Meet declared open, with a flag hoisting accompanied by the bugle!

The track events included the 1500M, 100M, 200M and 8 X 100M for Men and Women, the games included Basketball, Football and Volleyball, the high energy fun games included the Tug of War and Human Pyramid. The games were run as in a tight military mission, with one following the other in order to keep the planned itinerary going and to retain the interest and energy levels.

Apart from individual glory of winning the Gold, Silver and Bronze, the competitors also won accolades as the Best Male/Female athlete of the Sports Event. Companies won points on the basis of their involvement in the long drawn competitions too for the best cheering team, the best colours, the best mascot, etc.

The Chairman and Managing Director of the Radiant Group along with Dr Renuka David, the Managing Director of Radiant Medical Services who were the Powered By Sponsor for OXYGEN graced the occasion and addressed the enthusiastic participants. The Valedictory Function was graced by Mr Renjith Maheswary, a 2 Time Current Olympian Athlete! ALl dignitaries and visitors  were quite pleasantly surprised at the involvement and spirit of the Companies and their amazing energy which they were drawn into. The event closed with the awarding of Medals, Trophies and the Announcement of the Overall Champions. The Team from Renault Nissan won the Overall Trophy followed by Sicame India and Dalmia Cements

Sport is an amazing binder! It goes a long way in forging relationships that last a very long time apart from motivating individuals with a sense of well being, high spirits and happiness. This goes to making their positive energies liven up the organization as a whole!!  OXYGEN, makes bonding organisations a whole lot more enjoyable!!

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