summer healt tips

Dealing with Summer

Dealing with Summer

Gentle reminder – Already known facts

It is a fact that the city witnessed devastating rains in the recent winter that passed us by. The reason for such torrid rains was due to the El Nino effect, a world-wide phenomenon that has impacted not just our city or our country, but the whole world. Now, the days are bright and hot in our city. Time has come for us to turn our air conditioners on and look for shade from the daunting sun. So, here are must-follow tips to deal with the heat this summer. Some of these are quite well-known facts and the article seeks to reiterate the point as gentle reminder to those interested:

  1. Stay away from direct sunlight, as much as possible. This would save you from heatstroke.
  2. Limit activity during the day. Don’t venture out when you are not required to do so.
  3. Avoid strenuous exercise during midday.
  4. Try to stay put in cooler places. They may either be shades or air conditioned rooms.
  5. Cover yourself using accessories like caps, hats and umbrellas, whenever possible.
  6. Keep track of weather forecast and manage your activities accordingly.
  7. Always keep the place you stay properly ventilated, if it is not an air-conditioned room.
  8. Cover windows that receive direct sunlight.
  9. You can even rent an air conditioner for the summer months.
  10. Placing a small tub of water in front of a table fan would give the effect of air conditioner and keep you cool.
  11. Drink more water, fresh juices and smoothies to prevent dehydration due to sweating. 4-5 litres of water per day during summer season is ideal.
  12. Eat fresh food. Food stored for long time can go stale, unless refrigerated.
  13. Proper intake of food helps in maintaining your body temperature.
  14. Healthy and natural foods, esp. fruits, are good choices during summers.
  15. Eat frequent small meals instead of single large meal. This would reduce the load on metabolic activities and reduce body heat.
  16. Try taking bath more than once per day.
  17. Dark coloured clothes absorb more heat. Wear clothes of light colours, preferably white.
  18. Wearing light-weight and loose clothes are good choices while venturing out.
  19. Cotton materials can be worn.
  20. Keep in touch with people who venture out in hot sun, lest they fall sick.
  21. Don’t leave children locked inside a car, even with the windows open, as the car would get too hot.
  22. Write your contact details and have it in your pocket for strangers’ use in case of emergency.
  23. Have an emergency medicine kit at all establishments and houses.
  24. Avoid standing behind glass walls that can act as magnifying glasses and burn you.
  25. Park your vehicle carefully, where the sun doesn’t get focused. If you park your car opposite a building with reflective-glass walls, chances that your car could get damaged is high.
  26. Look out for the following symptoms and contact doctors:

    1. Clammy skin with “goose bumps”
    2. Heavy sweating
    3. Fatigue
    4. Light-headedness or dizziness
    5. Problems with physical coordination
    6. Muscle cramps
    7. Headache
    8. Nausea
  27. Try to cool the person who experiences the symptoms by placing them in a cool environment, giving them cool water or drinks and removing extra clothing. If possible, you may even recommend cold showers or cover them with a wet towel.
  28. Identify heatstroke with the following signs:
    1. High fever
    2. Severe headache
    3. Light-headedness or dizziness
    4. Disorientation or confusion
    5. Irrational behavior
    6. Irritability or emotional instability
    7. Nausea or vomiting
    8. Muscle weakness and cramps
    9. Flushed or red skin
    10. Lack of sweating, dry skin
    11. Rapid heartbeat
    12. Rapid, shallow breathing
    13. Seizures

Wishing everyone a happy summer vacation, we hope you remain safe with help from this article.

This article is no substitution for medical advice. Please contact doctors during medical emergency.