education portal for children

The Hindu Group launches education portal for children

The Hindu Group recently launched www.youngworldclub.com, an interactive, fun-filled education portal for children. This website offers a variety of rich multimedia content which includes slideshows, quizzes, videos and activities aimed to make learning exciting.

Curated for children of age groups 8-11 (Juniors), 12-15 (Seniors), parents and teachers, this web platform offers students new ways to understand diverse topics. The content, updated every week, takes the user through various sections on Think, Read, Do, Travel, Play, and Change.

The Think section explores Math, Science, puzzles and riddles, while the Read section features stories and news articles. Under the Do section, members will find content related to hobbies such as drawing, painting, music, dance, theatre, cooking and crafts. The Travel section contains History, Geography, nature, and wildlife, and the Play section showcases content on health, fitness and sports. The Change section encourages children to participate and know more about social and civic initiatives around them.

“For more than 25 years, The Hindu Group has consistently striven to inculcate the reading habit among the youngest segment of readers. With more and more children currently going online, parents are increasingly seeking credible and safe sources of information – a segment that we are looking to address with the launch of The Hindu Young World Club. The new website also reflects the ethos of The Hindu Group in encouraging holistic development of children, something that our publications for children, The Hindu In School and The Hindu Young World, already reflect”, said Rajiv C Lochan, MD & CEO, The Hindu Group.

Learners can sign up on www.youngworldclub.com and enjoy a one-month free trial. There are various subscription plans available and users can upgrade to a plan that best suits them. With a balanced diet of various topics, the website aims to provide a sound foundation for children through a visually interactive experience in a safe-to-view, ad-free environment.