For the first time in Chennai a complete Dessert festival.

DESSERT FEST MADRAS 23rd October 2016, Ultimate Cheat Day of the year.

MADRAS DESSERT FEST 2016 will be all about the most unique desserts.
Madras dessert fest is the Chennai’s first ever dessert festival.It’s a day of celebration,indulgence, discovery and deliciousness.This sugar-filled event will feature a curated selection of the very best sweet treats from accross the city.

Event madras dessert feast
Event madras dessert feast

It is an one day festival where attendees treat their sweet teeth to chocolate, candy, baked goods, ice cream, and savoury snacks. And kids indulge in chocolates while adults sip candy cocktails and dessert wine. Attendees will get their sweet tooth satiated and can curb their cravings from out delectable vendors. Come ready to sample all of the delicious wares and go home with a full belly. We’ve gathered the best of the city’shome bakers, cake creators, beverage experts and treat inventors, and we’re bringing them all under one roof, for one day only.

For the adults, who turn to alcohol to fuel themselves we’ll make it easier. We’re giving more than 10 ways to enjoy your drinks. Think Wiskey infuded gooey-chocolate cake, tiramisu rum shot, vodka brownie shake etc. Beyond being able to (over)indulge on the best dessert in all of Chennai, we’ll be featuring special tastings, a photo booth dedicated specially to attendees instagramming needs, a rooftop lounge with skyline view of Chennai and more.

Entry tickets for the madras dessert fest

Entry 1: Rs 50

General admission includes entry to the event and access to a drool-worthy dessert vendors with desserts available for purchase.

Entry 2: Rs 399

Includes entry to the event and samples of the best desserts from the best vendors in chennai like cupcakes, brownies, dessert jars, waffles, cookies, icecreams etc..

Entry 3: Rs 1899

Includes entry to the event and sampling of various dessert and 3 alcoholic beverages.
We’re giving more than 10 ways to enjoy your drink. Think Boozy tiramisu beer, jamun vodka shot, vodka
brownie martini etc and regular drinks like rum, vodka and beer also can be choosen.

For more details Contact No: 8428443333 / 8428553333. No 115/55, 2nd Floor,TTK Road, Alwarpet Chennai-18