Marraige Family

FAMILY is a GOD’s gift

Introduce Your Loving Ones…..                                                                                                                        

Hey… FAMILY is a GOD’s gift to us…  

A couple of weeks back I attended our relative’s  marriage in chennai.  Most of the people came and had a chat with us but, they fail to introduce their kith and kin… why ?  I really wonder what is wrong with our people nowadays….?

Its a pleasure introducing our loved ones to other family members , relatives and friends…

I always take my son to attend all functions and get together .. I introduce him to all explaining with their relationship too. It gives him a confidence and a sense of security that there are so many human in this world around him.

Why should one feel shy or bad to introduce?  or it is their dignity part which prevent them from doing so? I am not sure.  But I feel it is a good practice to introduce one’s spouse, children , parents, in-laws to others..

I still remember my childhood days when we used to attend marriages and other functions,  where my parents would take me to each and everyone over there and introduce me to them.. It was fun . I too loved it. Introduction is not only a practice but an emotion and expression of love and affection we have for each other.

Today , we rarely see youngsters attending marriages…reason behind this is lack of time or purely they just avoid mingling with people around. We, as elders must insist young ones to attend by telling them the importance of functions. They must realise that get together is not only for fun it is something beyond that a bonding…

Now a days most of the couples are blessed with only  ONE CHILD …..  siblings relationship is almost vanishing…..what happens once they grow bigger?  and am really worried about the relations they would have in near future… so, at this juncture, I feel it is very important to be united among ourselves and frame a family bonding …..  one day if we now do not take this seriously then relationship like uncle, aunty, cousins  will disappear forever.

Let our generation be united so that we save some human relationship for our future children.

Author:  Mythili Ramjee