Cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the world. Over 17.5 million people die from heart disease every year. Cardiac arrest happens when your heart stops pumping around your body.

 Do you know??? You can restart the stopped heart!!- CPR can resume Heart Beat in Cardiac Arrest.

  • Are you concerned that you are at risk for heart disease?
  • Do you have diabetes, hypertension?
  • Do you have sleep problems – Snoring, choking, gasping for breath,

excessive daytime sleepiness?

  • Are you sure of having a heart healthy diet?

Walk in for FREE AWARENESS PROGRAM at Nithra Institute of Sleep

Sciences /TACT Academy for Clinical Training.

  • To learn about the basics of life saving skills (CPR training)
  • Free Blood Pressure & Sugar Check
  • Free Body Fat Analysis
  • Sleep Hygiene Measures and Heart Healthy Diet

Date: September 30, 2017 Time : 11 am

Venue: Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences/Tact Academy for Clinical Training

Door # 29, Plot # 1997, J Block, 13th Main Road,

Anna Nagar, Chennai- 600 040

Open to General Public; Registration Free – Call 044 4350 2252 to enroll

All are Welcome