Science Workshop for Children

Science Workshop for Children

Young-Scientist will be conducting a Science Workshop for Children on the age group 7 – 15 at Anna Centenary Library on sunday Oct 1st.There will be three workshops.

1.Young-Scientist Workshop on Electricity with Build Your Own Extension Cord

This workshop on Electricity will be covering a concepts such as Current,Voltage,Resistance,AC/DC current,fuse,PHASE,NEUTRAL,GROUND etc in a practical way.Kit included in the course fee.

Age Group – 6th Grade to 12th Grade

Fee – ₹ 999 including Kit

For registration, please visit website

2.Young-Scientist Workshop on Simple Machines

In this workshop children will get to experience the effortlessness while using simple machines such as lever systems, pulleys etc. They will be given an overall view of concepts such as Effort, Load, Fulcrum, Friction, Weight etc.

Age Group – 3rd Grade to 6th Grade Kids

Fee – ₹ 500 

For registration, please visit website

3.Young-Scientist Workshop on Rockets

In this workshop we will talk about   History of Rockets,Difference between Missiles, Rockets, Spacecraft and Space stations,Parts/Components of Rocket,  Rocket Science (various science concepts behind Rockets lift off),Different types of launch vehicles (PSLV,GSLV),Brief overview on various space missions

Age Group –

5th Std and above

Fee – ₹ 450

For registration, please visit website.