Sri Krishna Sweets maiden program on the booming of Classical Studies

Maiden program on booming of Classical Studies

Sri Krishna Sweets maiden program on the booming of Classical Studies 

Sri Krishna Sweets as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility has introduced a new program on the booming Classical Studies under the banner ‘Kalaigalal Sezhikum Semmozhi’ at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore.   The program was presided over by Smt. Saradha Nambiarooran in presence of Sri Illakiyaveethi Iniyavan.  Sri Krishna Sweets Ilakiyaveethi Annam award was given to Selvi. A. Kuyilmozhi .  A distinctive approach that carries forward tradition without diluting its intrinsic values has won great acclaim for this Bharatanatyam artist.  She had been the outstanding student of Kalaimamani Nartaki Natraj.

Kalaimamani Nartaki Natraj delivered a special address on ‘Nattiyam’.  Narthaki born in the third gender was subject to social ridicule and rejection when young. However her passion for dance took her to Shri K P Kittappa Pillai who lived in Tanjore.  Shri K P Kittappa Pillai, who was a direct descendant of the Tanjore Quartet brothers (considered the fathers of Bharatanatyam).

She learnt and practiced under him in Gurukul (Full time residential) for 14 years and specialized in the Tanjore style Nayaki Bhava tradition. She also worked with him as an assistant in Tanjore Tamil University. Narthaki travels extensively within and outside India preserving and propagating the pristine purity of a tradition that is many centuries old.

She has performed at all leading festivals in India, USA, UK and Europe. She recently received the Puraskar Award from The President of India and a Senior Fellowship from Dept. of Culture, Government of India.

As a mark of her devotion to the divine dancer Lord Shiva, she has named her institution “Velliyambalam School of Dance”. Here, along with her friend Ms Sakthi Bhaskar, she trains many Indian and foreign students on the traditional repertoire as handed down to her by her guru.

Kalaimamani Narthaki Natraj in her speech she shared how Tamil literary works like Tholkopium, Sangam literatures and Silapathigaram has helped her in choreography.  She said the Tamil works have been helpful in creating awareness about the sangam period.