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Naal Thorum Nallathu Seivom

Naal Thorum Nallathu Seivom – Sri Krishna Sweets

Sri Krishna Sweets have been conducting programs all through the year under the banner ‘Naal Thorum Nallathu Seivom’ as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. As part of the program a series of lecture under the title ‘Uyirae Uravae’ by Isaikavi Ramanan was held at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan.

The program highlighted the lecture by Sri Isaikavi Ramanan on family relationships. He speaks on strong and deep relationships and the bonding between families under the banner ‘Uyirae Uravae’.   In the program he spoke about human relationship with land.  He spoke about birth place and patriotism to his own country.

Patriotism is an emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland. This attachment, also known as national feeling or national pride, can be viewed in terms of different features relating to one’s own nation, including ethnic, cultural, political, or historical aspects. It encompasses a set of concepts closely related to those of nationalism.

Patriotism is the great and selfless passion of love for one’s country. To an Indian patriot his mother and motherland are superior even to heaven. An Indian Patriot is ever ready to lay down his life in the service of his country, India.

Patriotism is not mere passive love for the country. A true patriot, who loves India, is an active worker. He works at heart and soul for the progress of his India and countrymen. He takes action for maintaining the sovereignty and glory of his motherland.

Patriotism inspires a patriot to rise in revolt and fight for the freedom of his country. In a free country like India, there are occasions when one has to sacrifice one’s personal pleasures and even life for one’s country. A patriot must try to make his India free from poverty, ignorance, and superstition.

Many patriots fought against the British rule to secure freedom for India. They never hesitated to sacrifice their comfort, happiness, and life for the cause of their motherland. Some of the most glorious chapters of Indian history have been written as well in the blood of patriots.  Patriots are selfless people who care for the welfare of their fellow beings. They also fight against social evils. They strive for eradication of social evils and work hard to uplift the society.

krishna sweets event