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On the 91st Birthday Celebrations of Sri Satya Sai Baba on Wednesday 23.11.2016 Tamil Stage Play titled “SATYA SAI BABA ARPUDANGAL” (Dedicated to Rajalakshmi Subramaniya Iyer) written and directed by Veteran Dramatist M.B. Moorthy was inaugurated at Mylapore Fine Arts Club Hall under the auspices of Kartik Fine Arts by S. Shivpprasadh’s “Nataka Kavalar, Chemal, R.S. Manohar’s Nxgs”.  The Divine play glued the jam packed audience to their seats till the end of the show while Baba’s Miracles, Life History & Social reforms like Building of Multispecialty Hospitals, Providing Drinking Water Facilities, etc were highlighted in a nutshell amidst thunderous applause.

  1. Jayaseelan had lived in the role as “Satya Sai Baba” with his penchant for dialogue delivery at different levels as scenes warranted & body language, R. Rajasekar as “Adolescent Sai Baba” spontaneously impressed upon the audience, S. Shivpprasadh on Stage while acted as Producer of this Stage Play proved that he belongs to the R.S. Manohar’s Family, R.S. Manohar’s Grand Daughter S. Sruuthi stole the show as “Adolescent Sai Baba” in the form of the then famous Dancer RISHYENDHIRAMANI by removing a needle from the Ground with her eye lid and thereafter from her eye with her hand and performed a Thillana gracefully that established beyond doubt that she was indeed a true disciple of her choreographed Guru “Vidushi Anitha Guha”. Writer and Director of this stage play and who had acted in the Lead Role as Anantharaman interacted superbly well with ideal fitting artist M. Thirumaran as stage play story writer highlighting periodically on Baba’s miracles, philosophy, social reforms etc.

V.P.S. Sriraman as Kasthoori & Lakshmipathy gave a matured and refined performance, Mr. Rajamansingh as District collector was apt with his crisp dialogues, C. Kumaran as courier boy emotionally chocked the audience, N. Rajakumar as attender exhibited his commitment to work, K. Prakash who did two contrast roles as Krishnan Nair & as Joyal could not be identified as the very same artist due to his acting skills, Vijayan as a Scientist  &  Srinath as Dr. Balakrishnan both being close friends from childhood & IT professionals proved to the audience that their combination of acting & dialogue delivery was the result of their close coordination, R. Vigneshwaran as Gunasekaran delivered his dialogues casually that hit the bulls eye, Durga Venkatesh who is a debut on stage although a veteran in Carnatic music performed very well  & Srinidhi as Dayana & Ramasubbama showed the audience that she could handle two contrast characters very well.

  1. Jayaseelan as Satya Sai Baba offering Vibhoodhi for devotees from empty hand, appearance of a rainbow in a straight line, disappearance & re-appearance of Rs.5,000/- (50 x 100 Currency Bundle) were some of the trick shots that mesmerized the audience.

Background projection highlighting Vidhushi Anitha Guha’s memorable experiences with Satya Sai Baba & wonders that took place while training her student S. Sruuthi for this play, Satya Sai Baba in flesh & blood with thousands of devotees at Prasanthi Nilayam, rain sequence with thunder & lightning by P.S. Ravi was superb to watch especially when till date monsoon have failed to take off in full swing this year. Make-up by T.S. Murugesan was realistic and pleasing especially bringing Satya Sai Baba alive to the audience.

Several Satya Sai Baba Bajans that were played in the background served as an ideal musical score with Mangala Aarathi in the climax end topping the list.

The play started with a trailer of Chanakya Sabadham & after Interval with Dronar in which S. Shivpprasadh acted in and as Chanakyan and as Dronar which would be their forthcoming stage plays.

The Writer, Director & Lead artist of this stage play Veteran Dramatist M.B. Moorthy, was felicitated by S. Shivpprasadh Producer of this stage play & Mr. Rajagopal Sekar – Secretary of Kartik Fine Arts with a Ponnadai and a Memento at the end of the play.

Shivpprasadh can be contacted at 955168 2993 or Land Line 044 – 28344 876 for further staging of this Stage Play that can be staged at any Devotional Gathering.