NOTA NOne Of The Above


NOTA – None of the above

At the Core Committee Meet of the Association held on Feb 7, 2015, which was convened to discuss various pending civic and other issues like widespread encroachment, pollutions – water, air, sound – insecurity to the neighbourhood residents and the general public due to commercial complexes not adhering to the rules and regulations, lack of fire safety standards as per the National Building Code 2005, frequent clogging of sewer lines resulting in water pollution, hijacking of pavements and service lanes on Usman Road by the hawkers/vendors forcing the residents to take detour to reach their home and preventing the emergency services like fire tenders/ambulances, streets being used as auto-stand/parking lots despite protests from the residents, creating car parking facilities in residential localities and turning residential flats into hostels by the commercial complex owners, illegally tapping of ground water by the commercial establishments, the Members expressed their total displeasure at our not being able to get any relief even when the problems were brought to the notice of the authorities who matter the most in the government.

Even though the residents are the prime stakeholders in T Nagar, they are upset at their getting treatment which is most inhuman in nature. The residents are not taken on board when new projects are announced/implemented. A feeling of being let down by the government has set in, as, many of the basic genuine needs of the residents remain unresolved even after years of taking up with the authorities. The very ‘right to live’ is under threat.

In view of the foregoing, it was decided that residents should not vote for any particular party in the 2016 Assembly elections. Instead of totally abstaining from voting, which will give room for bogus voting, the meet was of the view that the residents should register their anger by exercising their franchise in favour of NOTA [None of the above].

The Secretary has been authorized to intimate all Members/Residents individually about the above decision so that they act accordingly.