A book titled “SENIOR CITIZENS GUIDE”  along with a Smart Card was  published & launched by Chennai City Police in association with Jeevathma Kainkarya Trust, recently at Kamakshi Hall, 44, Mahadevan Street, West Mambalam, Chennai – 600 033.

The book was released by Hon’ble Justice Sri.V.Ramasubramaniam Madras High Court. The First copy was received by Sri.P.Saravanan, Dy Commr of Police and  Dr.Mrs. Umamaheswari, IAS (Retd) Additional secretary to Govt, Higher Education in the presence of   Mr. V. Arumugham M. A.,   Assistant Commissioner  of Police of R3 Ashok Nagar Police station and many senior citizens from in and around West Mambalam.

About the Book

            The contents of the book are very useful to the senior citizen, school going children, parents and general public. The book contains the concept of community policing is a means to ensure not only a safe and secure society, but also to register the active participation of the people in every aspect of policing, so as to make the city safe. It is requested public to co-operate in policing their own society besides adhering to the instructions contained in the book-let meticulously, to prevent crime in the society. The said book contains protection of school children, Elders residing alone, chit fund Frauds, tips to avoid giving opportunity in internet, email crime, to avoid accidents, Alert while handling Bank, ATM, Forgery, Breach of Trust, job rocket etc. Further provided that each and every family must maintain 30 Family records besides all telephone numbers of South Zone Police Depts. This is the first time in Chennai to release a handy book containing more and more information useful from children to elders in T.Nagar Dist. M.VRamani, Managing Trustee of Jeevathma Kainkarya Trust took interest in bringing out the book as per the  direction of Dy Commr,  & Asst.commr, Inspector of Police, (L& O) R3 Police Station,  with the book,  a senior citizens smart card containing name, address, emergency telephone, Blood Group, Doctors, personal Information, Medicines, Photo. This card should be carried by elders.


            Mr. R.Subramaniam, F.C.A, Chairman of the Trust welcomed the gathering and explained the activities of the Trust in brief.  After releasing the book, the Hob’ble Justice has delivered his speech.

While Hon’ble Justice delivering the speech, his Lordship mentioned that a Jeevan takes 9 months to born. But the said Jeevan fails to think atleast one day before death that every one must come to dust. This words should be pasted in every house to remember human beings are also going to be died. Lordship quoted further the essence of Garudapuranam in which one can understand what is happening after death. In conclusion Lordship appreciated Police Dept. for their involvement in community service and encouraged the activities of the Trust.

While the Dy. Commissioner delivering his speech, he has mentioned that criminals are playing role because of the opportunity given by the elders and public. By diverting the attention, they succeed the crimes in different angle. He has quoted several incidents and happenings and alerted the senior citizens to be very careful in their day to-day life. A smart card has been suggested by Dy. Commr. which contains lot of information about senior citizens including his photo. The information in the card will be more helpful to the Police Department / Public to intimate any incident to the relatives of the victims. Dy. Commissioner further desired to have such meetings in every districts to facilitate senior citizens in a possible way.

While Dr. Mrs. Umamaheswari delivering the speech she has mentioned the importance of helping the senior citizens and Disposal unknown dead bodies . She further said a proper CHENNAI SENIOR CITIZEN FORUM should be formed exclusively to take care of the elders. She herself offered her service  for any help. She appreciated the collective service by both Police and Trust.

M.V. Ramani, Managing Trustee of Jeevathma Kainkarya Trust has mentioned that there are stories in Bhaktha Vijayam  that how Senior citizens should be protected. A Person who used to serve his father, mother daily right from bathing, nursing, keeping the old parents in a proper rest, cleaning the bed etc. One day Lord Vishnu wanted to bless this person, came to his house. The person noticed  Maha Vishnu did not abandon his duties to the parents. He thrown a brick and asked Vishnu to stand on it. After finishing his duties he came to Vishnu and got the blessings.  Lord Vishnu asked the person “what do you want” he said you have to be here in a standing position to bless all Bhakthas. Lord agreed. That place is now called Pandaripuram worshiping deity Bhagavan Sri Pandurangan. Seniors are abandoned due to abolition of joint family system. Elders are not happy in the aged home and Elders do not desire to have Rs.20,000/- or Rs.40,000/- from the children of the parents that they want to live with their grand children. That is the expectation of the Elders.  Further their presence in the family would bring harmony among family members and would always share their knowledge, experience to the members of the family.  The family members would also receive blessings from elders during important festivals.

The Trust is guided by Sri.R.Subramaniam, F.C.A., Chairman of the Trust for the past 10 years.  The Trust is exclusively involving in the disposal of Unknown / Unclaimed Dead bodies along with Police Department.  The Trust plan to expand its activities in throughout Tamil Nadu. The total success of the meeting goes senior citizens  attended more than 400 persons and received the book and smart card free of cost.  Those who are interested to receive the book and smart card can contact Mr.M.V.Ramani, Old NO.16, New NO.29, Raju Naicken Street, West Mambalam, Chennai – 600 033, Phone No. is 98410 12779.

The concept and idea of releasing this book and smart card was generated and motivated by Deputy Commissioner, T.Nagar District and with the co-operation of Asst. Commissioner and Inspector of Police (L&O) and other staff members of R3 Police Station.  Meeting was concluded with vote  of thanks by Mrs.Uma Venkataraman, Secretary of the Trust.

For  more information and hose who are interested to receive the book and smart card can contact Mr.M.V.Ramani, Old No.16, New NO.29, Raju Naicken Street, West Mambalam, Chennai – 600 033, Phone No. is 98410 12779.

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