VGP Snow Theme Park

VGP Snow Theme Park

VGP VGP Snow World
VGP VGP Snow World

It is going to Snow in Chennai from 18th May 2015.  Chennai will experience sub zero conditions with snow in NAMMA VGP Kingdom!

It’s Snowing in Chennai!

VGP Group in collaboration with Snow King India has brought one of the India’s LARGEST and Tamilnadu’s FIRST Indoor Snow Theme Park – VGP Snow Kingdom – at VGP Universal Kingdom (Selvarangam Area), Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu. Tourists, visitors and citizens of Tamilnadu can experience of being in Shimla or Swissright here in NAMMA Chennai!

Dr. Konijeti Rosaiah, Governor of Tamilnadu inaugurated tthe VGP SNOW KINGDOM

Unique Tourist Destination in India – Indoor Snow Theme Park

Tamilnadu is already one of the top destinations for tourists and visitors attracting large numbers from across India and abroad.  Chennai is an entertainment and tourist destination having everything, except the snow. But now,ChennaihasVGP Snow Kingdom to give an experience like never before, apart from the routine of water and amusement parks, multiplexes and malls. VGP Snow Kingdom is all set to enthrall families and young, old alike.

If you have been to the Himalayas, you would know what it is to be in nature’s lap. Alternatively, if you have been to Dubai’s SkiDubai, you will know what fun it is to be on the snow, albeit artificial. Now, an indoor snow theme park – VGP Snow Kingdom- offers snow thrills here in the backyard of the city.

Kingdom of Snow Mesmerises Chennai

VGP Universal Kingdom is launching another Kingdom in Chennai with an Indoor Snow Theme Park – VGP Snow Kingdom -on par with international standards.It has been setup by remodeling the Selvarangam Area at VGP Universal Kingdom, Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

VGP Snow Kingdom has a 13775 sft of Snow Dome with a height of 36 ft.  Snow Area is maintained at sub zero degree centigrade.  Entire snow area is filled with snow made out of drinking water and air, which is eco friendly technology and edible too.  Snow area is built with mesmerizing ambiance of being on snow zone with Snow Castle with alpine trees on snow slopes in the background.

Snow Thrills @ VGP Snow Kingdom

VGP Snow Kingdom offers an experience of Snow balling, Snow fall, Snow mountain climbing, Snow sliding, Ice slide, Snow basket ball, Snow sledges, Snow Igloo, Snow dancing, etc. Snow dancing shall be a unqiue experience of dancing in snow with thumping music for the cinema-freak and dance-lovingIndians and others.

Edutainment for All – Snow in Chennai

VGP Snow Kingdom consists of Snow Area, Entry & Exit Air Lock Rooms, Entry & Exit Lobbys maintained with varied temperature for the Visitors to get acclimatized while moving from Lobby to Snow Area and Return. Visitors are provided with overcoat with cap/hood, gloves, boots at free of cost, on returnable basis, to sustain sub zero centigrade in the snow area. Snow Area is maintained at -6 degree centigrade. Since the ambient temperature outside would be as high as 35 to 40 degree centigrade and inside temperature would be – 6 degree centigrade, visitors go through the Lobby to Air lock Room to Snow area..

VGP Snow Kingdom operates by Sessions.  VGP Snow Kingdom operates 10 Sessions everyday at the start of every hour starting10.00 AMuntil8.00PM. The last Sessionwill begin at 7.00 PM.  Each Session is of 45 minute.

And,VGP Snow Kingdom is offering special price as part of Inaugural Offer.  The entry fee per person is Rs. 250, which allows entry for one Session.

VGP Snow Kingdom has it all to carry life-time memories …. thrills in Snow Theme Park …. fun in snowplay …. experience of snow fall …. and most importantly happy times with family and friends.