Universal Brotherhood Day

Freemasons to celebrate Universal Brotherhood Day on June 24

Freemasonry is the world’s oldest social service organisation; Freemasonry started in England 300 years ago, ie. on 24th June 1717 and came to India in 1730.  It is also the largest; there are over 5 million (50 lakh) Freemasons in the world. There are over 25000 Masons in India alone.

According to Rev. Brother Abraham Marcos, The Regional Grandmaster, “June 24 is observed as Universal Brotherhood Day by Masons all over India. The day is observed to commemorate the spirit of Masonic brotherhood by undertaking charity and welfare programmes. The freemasons celebrate the ‘Universal Brotherhood Day’ across the country with much fervour and undertake various philanthropic and welfare activities as part of the celebrations. A treasure hunt is organised as part of this year’s celebrations. The group holds similar events every year on this day. The treasure hunt will start by 2pm at the Freemasons Hall, Egmore and will be flagged off by Mr. Abhay Kumar Singh, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Chennai.”

The world over, many kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers and other great have been, and are, Freemasons. Freemasonry in India too has had many great men as its members – Swami Vivekananda, President Fakruddin Ali Ahmed, C Rajagopala Chari (Rajaji), and Motilal Nehru, to name a few…

The most important part of Freemasonry is Masonic Charity. Freemasonry is also the world’s biggest charitable organisation; Freemasons essentially act to relieve the distress of local individuals who are victims of calamity; it has created programs and institutions to care for its needy senior citizens, to provide scholarship aid for worthy and needy young people – Masons give, on an average, $2 million, that is Rs. 135 crores for charity every day. But it is not publicised because we contribute our own funds for charity, and do not go to the public to raise funds for charity. Masonic charity covers Disaster Relief, Medical and Educational Assistance, as well as assisting social causes.

Specifically on this day, Freemasons create awareness about Freemasonry by undertaking sizeable Charity Projects to benefit the local community and also arranging events which would involve meeting and interaction of brethren and members of their respective families.