Wrist joint pain

Wrist joint pain?  permanent solution by new combined therapy  

Wrist joint is very important and a highly flexible joint in our body. The Wrist is made up of 8 carpal bones and the distal ends with the radius and ulna(fore arm bones).Carpal tunnel syndrome: In the wrist two facial thickening retinaculum(membrane like structure) are located.One on the dorsal (posterior or back) side known as extensor retinaculum and the other on the palmar (anterior or front) side known as flexor retinaculum.Just beneath these two structures, the 8 carpal bones are located. Just below the Extensor retinaculumstructure there is a tunnel like structure known as dorsal carpal tunnel formed by the carpal bones.

The extensor muscle tendons go through this tunnel (extensor muscle used for the opening of the hand) like that below the Flexor retinaculum there is a tunnel like structure known as  palmar carpal tunnel . The Flexor muscle tendons and median nerve  go through this tunnel.Any external injury to the fibers of the extensor retinaculum leads to extensor contracture(a condition where the hand cannot be closed).Any external injury to the fibers of the flexor retinaculum leads to thickening and hardnesswhich compresses the median nerve and creates pain and paresthesia (tingling ,burning, and numbness) in the area of distribution of the median nerve(thumb,index,middle and half of the ring finger area) and if the injury is more severe, flexor contracture(a condition where the hand cannot  be opened ) may occur.

Wrist pain due to neck problems: Wrist joint is innervated by the branches of three nerves ulnar(C8,T1), radial(C6,C7,C8), median(C5,C6,C7,C8)these nerves originate from the spinal cord and it crosses the neck bones. When any nerve compression happens in this area it will create wrist pain.

Treatment for the wrist pain:Rhus-tox,Arnica are some of the homeopathy medicines for wrist pain. In physiotherapy to soften the hardness, ultrasound is the effective treatment, and if the pain  is due to neck  problem manzero’s manipulation,short wave diathermy and traction are used Courtesy: SatthyHomeo-Physio Centre. , more details Contact: 9841385448 visit: www.ayyopain.com