ZUMBA was performed over snow

ZUMBA was performed over snow

ZUMBA in VGP Snow Kingdom

For the first time in Chennai ZUMBA was performed over snow. Neeki Singh from “ZUMBA The Addiction” performed ZUMBA with the snow kingdom visitors . It was great fun and everyone enjoyed a lot. There were lot of enquiries which came from visitors about her next performance and if you go on social media then you can see lot of pictures of ZUMBA with Neeki as all visitors posted their picture on FACEBOOK and other social media channels.

Many people cannot even imagine on doing ZUMBA on snow as its very difficult to have balanced body on snow but still all visitors did it. Hats off to all visitors for doing ZUMBA on snow and ofcourse to Neeki for motivating them and keeping them engaged .

Neeki Singh is a certified ZUMBA trainer and had multiple ZUMBA Licences. Snow Kingdom is working with her to make an arrangement for ZUMBA performance on New Year eve. So if you missed this fun over this weekend then don’t forget to register for this event when we announce for new year.

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