Active Horlicks

GSK Consumer Healthcare launches Active Horlicks

GSK Consumer Healthcare launches Active Horlicks to combat low energy and fatigue in adults

The dietary requirements in adults are different from kids. Choosing an energy drink that has a blend of fibre and other micronutrients, like Active Horlicks, ensures that you stay active throughout the day.

*Essential B Vitamins that help to release the right amount of energy from food.
*Fibers and energy nutrients that help to stay active for longer and maintain good health.
*Iron and Magnesium that helps fight fatigue and tiredness.

GSK Consumer Healthcare has extended the brand Horlicks, India’s leading Health Food Drink (HFD) into adult segment with launch of its new variant Active Horlicks. Active Horlicks is conceived with a vision of catering to growing demand for nutritional requirements, of the modern-day adults with demanding schedules and little time in hand to address their dietary needs.

According to experts, recommended dietary allowance are the appropriate quantities of nutrients that are required to maintain good health in adults. While children’s Health Food Drinks are in popular demand amongst adults, there are limited options available in the market that cater specifically to adult recommended dietary allowances and most of the available adult options are twice as expensive as a popular HFD segment product. Active Horlicks fulfills this need gap by providing a product that is designed specifically as per adult needs and is available at an affordable price.

As age progresses, there is a greater need to sustain energy levels particularly in adults due to which high energy levels are important to ensure optimal function of the body throughout the day. Active Horlicks, a tailored product for adults, combats the biggest need among adults which is tiredness and provides fibre and energy nutrients that help you stay active for longer periods of time.

Vikram Bahl, Area Marketing Lead, Nutrition & Digestive Health, GSKCH Indian subcontinent, while commenting on the product launch, said,”With Active Horlicks, we aim to bring for our adult consumers, the first fill that helps to fulfil their daily energy and nutrition requirement in today’s busy lifestyle. Our intent is to launch better products that satisfy the unmet demands of our consumers and Active Horlicks is a testament for the same. With the product designed for adults, Active Horlicks promises to combat the fatigue and low energy levels by providing fibre and nutrients that help to stay active for longer.”

Active Horlicks
Active Horlicks

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd

GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd is a leading player in Indian health food drinks industry. Our flagship product Horlicks leads the market, while Boost is among the top three health food drink brands that India prefers. Our manufacturing plants are located in Nabha, Rajahmundry and Sonepat. In India we have an engaged workforce of over 3800 employees. GSK also markets and distributes a range of everyday health products such as Eno, Crocin, Iodex and Sensodyne. Our marketing and distribution network comprises over 800 distributors and a direct coverage of over 8 lakh retail outlets.GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd is an associate of GlaxoSmithKline plc. of U.K, one of world’s largest consumer healthcare companies. We have a heritage that goes back over 160 years. Our purpose is to help more people around the world to do more, feel better and live longer with everyday healthcare products.  Our goal is to build a global, growing business – we call a Fast-Moving Consumer Healthcare (FMCH) company – dedicated to everyday healthcare with all of the scientific expertise and quality guarantees that demands, working at the speed and with the genuine consumer understanding the modern world expects.

GSK Consumer Healthcare globally owns some of the world’s best loved healthcare brands, successful in over 100 countries. These include Sensodyne, Theraflu, Paradontax, Panadol, Polident, Otrivin, Horlicks and Physiogel.

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