Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Workshop

Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Workshop

9 th July, Sunday | 10 am to 12 noon | Suvagatham Kids Foundation

AWARE as part of their Mission #SaveTheSmiles offers Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Workshop for both adults and kids. All we need is your time to Educate and Empower.

July 9 th (Sunday) 2017 from 10 am to 12 noon, at Suvagatham Kids Foundation, Plot no-22, Srinivasan St, Jain Nagar Extn, Hastinapuram, Chrompet , Ch-44.

Registrations are limited. Contact Krishna +91 97517 92226 or Dr. Karpagam +91 8681000149.

Together let us #SaveTheSmiles and #AssureOurChildrensFuture .


This workshop is not just for parents. It is for every adult who feels deeply about child sexual abuse
and might want to reach a place of empathy and preparedness about it. Our purpose is to offer a
comprehensive understanding of the subject without inciting feelings of fear, anxiety or shame in

Objectives of the workshop

∙ Accepting and understanding the magnitude of child sexual abuse.
∙ Understanding the physical, emotional and psychological effects of child sexual abuse.
∙ Breaking prevalent myths and taboos about child sexual abuse.
∙ Learning easily applicable methods of teaching children about abuse prevention and body
safety without making them fearful.
∙ Learning how to handle abuse situations effectively without guilt or shame.
∙ Learning how to create a fearless and confident attitude towards child sexual abuse.
Contents of the workshop
∙ Discussing the magnitude of child sexual abuse through facts, figures and personal stories.
∙ Breaking common myths about child sexual abuse.
∙ Physical, emotional and psychological effects of abuse.

∙ Defining child sexual abuse and all its variants.
∙ Symptoms of child sexual abuse in young children and infants.
∙ Recognizing typical abusers and their methods of gaining trust.
∙ Methods of discussing abuse awareness and body safety with children.
∙ Understanding the significance of gender stereotypes in media with regard to abuse and
consent awareness.
∙ Correct responses in the event of abuse.
∙ Resources and helplines for awareness, help and counselling.
∙ Understanding why children do not talk about abuse.
∙ Interactive Q and A session and role-playing activities to understand correct responses in
difficult situations.