Engagements in Chennai

Science Workshops in Anna Centenary Library

Young-Scientist will be conducting Workshops in Anna Centenary Library on July 2nd Sunday.

  1. Rockets and Spacecrafts Workshop

Age group: 6th grade and above (Parents and adults are welcome)

Time – 10.30 AM – 12.30 PM

Fee – ₹ 350

What will happen in the workshop ?

This workshop will be slightly different from our usual experiments based workshop. In this we will be mostly talking about Space Exploration (with pictures, sound bites and videos) and various space missions by different counties. We also will talk about different Launch Vehicles (Rockets).To make the session interesting we are building a PSLV (Rocket) scale model and a space craft  scale model.

Please note there will not be any experiments in this session other than the demonstration of Scale Models and Power point presentation.

Based on the interest level, we may do a multiple detailed Space series workshops as it is very fascinating area for kids and adults as well.


  1. Simple Machine Workshop

Age group: 2nd to 5th grade ONLY (parents will not be allowed)

Time – 1.30 PM – 3 PM

Fee – ₹ 400.

What you can expect in this workshop?

Want your children to learn the secret behind lifting heavy objects? Did you know you could lift a 1kg weight like a feather using a few simple contraptions. The secrets will be revealed in this fun and engaging workshop on Simple Machines!

We will be doing lot of fun experiments related to Simple Machines!



3.Sound Workshop

Age group: 2nd Grade to 6th Grade

Timings: 3.30 PM – 5.00 PM

Fee – ₹ 450.

Details :

  1.  Do you know how sound is getting created ?
  2.  Can you speak in space without a spacesuit?
  3.  Do you know human ears are capable of hearing only certain range of frequencies ?

Sounds interesting !!!!!!..then join workshop to learn more and do the experiments related to Sound. will be demonstrating / doing fun experiments related to Sound.

For any queries, please call  7200657181 or 735816149

For More Details visit:   http://young-scientist.in