Our age old tradition and rich culture have gifted the country with various festivals and fairs.  The festival of lights is probably the most important festival in Hindu culture that has its own identity across the nation. Celebrations congregate to happiness and life is happier when everyone comes together.  It is a moment to be cherished most.  It is time to enjoy each and every moment with sweets filled with the goodness of ghee from Sri Krishna Sweets.

A collection of mouthwatering variety of ghee sweets in attractive tin boxes from the house of Sri Krishna Sweets is a true sensation this Diwali. It is irresistible treat of Sri Krishna Sweets ‘Diwali Bakshanam’. Indulge in an exclusive collection of special products like Melting magic Mysurpa, Sonpapdi, Laddu, Badusha, Bombay Halwa, Athirasam, Kaimuruku, Diwali Mixture, Seedai, Kara Pori, Kadalai Mittai and Kamarkattu neatly packed.

Moreover to celebrate Diwali with much divinity a complimentary box consisting of Ganga water, Diwali legiyam, Vasanai Podi and Muligai Oil setting the tone for celebration of life in all its goodness. Diwali Bakshanam is available at all Sri Krishna Sweets stores for sale on October 25, October 26 and October 27, 2019.

Assorted sweets of cashew bites, cashew crumble is available in packs of 20 and 36.  Badam halwa is indispensable for celebrations of any kind. Taste the relishing Karupatti ranges that are a natural sugar sweetener with no added chemicals. Karupatti Katli, Karupatti Badam Halwa, Karupatti Cake, Karupatti Kalakand, Karupatti Wheat Halwa, Karupatti Mahamettai and Karuppati Laddu.

Karupatti Katli and Kaju Katli are available in Singles, 2 Pieces, 9 Pieces, 18 Pieces, 36 Pieces and 72 Pieces hygienic packing. Cashew Bites are available in 4 Pieces, 9 Pieces and 20 Pieces tin boxes. Karupatti Badam Halwa is available in 200 gm tin pack.

‘Celebrating India’ is the latest initiative with a collection of 29 sweets from different states across India.  Customers who wish to taste a sweet of any State can buy them separately and relish of their choice. There are sweets made of milk, cashew, ghee, assorted, dry fruit, karupatti and special gift box.

There are varieties of kaaras and millet kaaras with range of delicacies. There are fresh flavours of traditional recipes with wide collection of Pickles, Pastes, Powders, Thokkus, Ghee and Combo Mixes to cherish.  Muralis food products are prepared with the old conventional recipes applying several new combinations.


It is really encouraging visual impact for customer convenience to choose from the collection of customized products on display.  The freshly prepared sweets are neatly packed in appealing aesthetic boxes with quantity and price tag that attract customers at large. These selected luscious sweet treat will make you to carve for more.

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